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Book 2 - The Vendetta Trifecta 

Will and Diana Kincaid have left their pasts behind. They’ve even discarded their identities as Sin and Lee, but the past will never leave them. 

When the body of mafia leader Ivan Kurev turns up in her district, Diana is forced to take a hard look at how well she has—or hasn’t—covered her tracks. It turns out, no matter what she does, it isn’t good enough. A stronger generation of Kurevs is growing out of the wasteland she left behind and the Kurev sons have a memory that is long . . . and angry. 

In the past, the fight and the choices that go with it would have been easy. But now there are friends to protect, a home she doesn’t want to leave, and a boss she likes, even if she’s more than a little suspicious of him. 

It’s hard to choose sides when Diana can’t even determine what the sides are anymore. She can’t run, she can’t stay and she can’t protect what she fought so hard for, not when a newer, more dangerous breed of assassin waits around every corner . . . 

This is the second book in The Sin Trilogy. Book 1, Vengeance, is available now and book 3, Justice, will be released in Spring 2015. Follow this female protagonist has she deals with her family's murder, hitman after hitman, and the FBI. Can she work with Lee to create her own vigilante justice? 

<h2>Winner: The Pinnacle Award for Best Suspense 2014</h2>

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April 14
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