Return to Vegas

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Publisher Description

Five years after being reunited in Las Vegas, Lexi and Leo have settled into domestic bliss. 

Or have they? 

Lexi would never dream of keeping anything from Leo, but she has a secret that’s too painful to share even with the man she loves. When that secret threatens to come between them, will Lexi be able to share her devastating truth, or will she bear the pain alone?

Leo would do anything for his family, including leaving his career behind and moving to the remote Canadian Rockies. When he’s presented with an offer that’s too good to be true, he can’t turn it down. Even when it means deceiving those he loves the most. 

While Lexi and Leo discovered that Nothing Stays in Vegas, the only thing that can bring their love back together again, is a…Return to Vegas.

October 26
Ink Blot Communications
Elena Aitken

Customer Reviews

Bocarb ,

Gorgeous Ending

Lexi, Leo, and Ben deserved the ending they were given. It was beautiful, full of love, and felt complete. Although, where was Skip in the end?

JLKeniston ,

Return to Vegas

Lexi and Leo are such a great couple. They now live in the Canadian Rockies with winter on the way. Their son Ben is now a pre-teen having trouble with his classmates because Lexi and Leo are not married. Leo has an opportunity to return to work in Vegas so they all go on a trip there. Those two are meant to be together but will it happen?? Leo is such a sweet guy how could Lexi not right? So many complications in their life they have to overcome. It's such a sweet story I could not put it down. You will love it if you are a romantic!

AllRomanceReader ,

Great check-in with Leo and Lexi

It has been several years since I read Elena Aitken's What Happens in Vegas and was excited to know she was releasing a follow-up. I took the opportunity to re-read the original and I enjoyed it this time around as much as last. It had twists and turns, drama and heartbreak, and love.

In Return to Vegas, we catch up with Leo and Lexi five years after What Happens in Vegas. Leo and Lexi have made a good life for themselves. But as with any couple, they have their struggles. The author does a good job of depicting some typical struggles a couple may have after getting comfortable in their relationship. They've lived through some heartbreak and some struggles but have remained strong as a couple - or so they thought.

I love how the author demonstrated the struggles each of them had as they withheld information from their partner, each for their own good reasons, but the emotional struggles they work through while trying to navigate the situations they find themselves in was realistic and heartwrenching. I thought the way Leo and Lexi got their ultimate happily-ever-after was perfectly done and a good example of how a couple can work through struggles and come out the other end stronger for it.

All in all, a great read and really nice to catch up with Lexi and Leo.

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