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A girl detective. A boy genius. A warrior princess. A young magician. Four young people with extraordinary gifts.

For years, they solved mysteries, caught crooks, and slayed monsters. They were secret heroes, keeping an idyllic small town in the middle of America safe from the things that lurked in the dark.

Then, the year of their high school graduation, the darkness came for them.

During what the media called “New Year’s Evil,” a demonic force rose to turn their hometown into a literal Hell on Earth.

They gathered to stop it. They fought. And they won.

The rest of the world never discovered the truth behind the disaster. For 20 years, the four tried living like normal people.

Now their past is coming back to haunt them.

The darkness is gathering once more. They’re summoned back to their hometown to face it, along with everything else they left behind.

Last time, they saved the world. This time, they’ll have to do something much harder.

They’ll have to save each other.

For fans of Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, and Victoria Schwab, REUNION is the story of what happens when the good guys grow up.

“An incandescent horror novel where ancient legend meets the American heartland, with characters so real and engaging, I felt like I’ve known them since childhood... Dark fantasy at its finest.”

— Elizabeth Hand, World Fantasy Award-winning author of Generation Loss and Hokuloa Road

REUNION is a gleeful horror/thriller mashup… hilarious, shocking, and genuinely suspenseful. There is no limit to Christopher Farnsworth's imagination.”

— Ben H. WintersNew York Times bestselling author of Underground Airlines and The Quiet Boy

“Christopher Farnsworth combines myths old and new into a harrowing, gripping novel where the past and present of a small town's unlikely band of heroes collide, with the fate of the world — and their friendships — in the balance. Fans of Stranger ThingsYellowjackets, and well-told fantasy will love it.”

— Gwenda BondNew York Times bestselling author of Stranger Things: Suspicious Minds and Mr. And Mrs. Witch

“The Nicolas Cage of high-octane fiction... REUNION is a classic slice of weird Americana, served like the best apple pie you ever tasted if it was laced with cyanide. I wish I was reading it for the first time again myself.”

— Lavie Tidhar, World Fantasy Award-winning author of The Violent Century and By Force Alone

“With heart-pounding action and sly dialogue, REUNION is a book you’ll be thinking about long after putting it down. I loved it!”

— Brendan ReichsNew York Times bestselling author of Nemesis

REUNION is the book I've waited for my whole life. When I was a kid, I inhaled all the adventures about young heroes — the Tom Swifts, the Nancy Drews, the kids who discover magic — and desperately wanted to know what happened to them when they grew up... but REUNION is more than that — it's also an affecting story about the pressures of being a child prodigy, the debts owed to family and friends, and the hard work of living the rest of your life. It's frickin’ brilliant.”

— Daryl Gregory, award-winning author of Spoonbenders and Revelator

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
June 13
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Farnsworth Radio LLC

Customer Reviews

Murboo ,

Fantastic and Fabulous

Once you start, you will not put REUNION down!!!! Incredible mix of mystery, horror and magic! Takes you back to some great childhood memories, while still staying fresh and exciting!!!!!! Carrie, Danny, Alana & Eric are my new favorite friends!!!!!! When’s the next adventure??????

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