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King woke up to the sun shining bright in the room. He didn’t know what time it was but he must have slept pretty late because Ryan was gone and he usually felt when she moved. King headed to the bathroom to relieve himself then downstairs where he could hear laughter coming from the kitchen.

Ryan was cooking and the twins were in their bouncers. Camron was sitting at the table talking with Harlem Jr.

“Hey family.” King made his presence known.

“Hey, dad.” Cam spoke.

“What’s up, Unc?”

King swore that boy was so much like Harlem it was funny. He looked like him and acted like him.

“Hey, baby,” Ryan cooed. “So what are your plans for today?”

“I’m chilling today, ma. A n***a tired and all I want to do is chill with my family today. Maybe we can go out to eat or catch a movie or something.” He had been neglecting his family because he was working so hard to secure their future but no more. He was going to make sure he made time for them no matter what.

“That’s cool with me. We can eve grill some stuff and invite the family over if you want.”

That’s why he loved her. She was always so giving. “Yeah we can do that. I’ll call everyone up after we have breakfast.”

After they ate breakfast the kids went upstairs to play video games and Ryan cleaned the kitchen. King decided to watch the DVD that had come in the mail the previous day. The package didn’t have a return address on it and when he opened it up the DVD itself didn’t have any words it which was weird. Intrigued, he popped it into the DVD player and sat down. Maybe this act was something worth looking at.

Nothing could explain the feeling he felt when the picture popped up on the screen. He saw murder. He didn’t even remember going into the kitchen or how he got there but his hands were firmly around Ryan’s neck and all he could see was red: the color of blood.

“You trifling ass bitch! You f****d that n***a in my house? Huh?” He wanted answers but didn’t realize that Ryan couldn’t breathe. The color was draining from her face and he didn’t care. His mind was filled with images of her hugged up with Imran in his house and it looked as if they were f*****g.

King finally let her go. “I don’t ever want s**t else to do with you,” he stated breathlessly. “You better be glad for the sake of my kids that I’m letting you stay here. But if it doesn’t concern them don’t say s**t to me. You are f*****g dead to me.” King stormed out.

Ryan sat on the floor crying. How the hell did he find out? King had his facts wrong. She hadn’t slept with Imran. She’d tried to stop his advances. She had to figure this mess out and quick. She couldn’t lose King.
~ ~ ~
King made his way to Game Over Records with murder on his mind. He couldn’t believe the same n***a he broke bread with and invited to his home was f*****g his girl. He was about to beat the s**t out of Imran. Ryan had gotten a pass because of his kids otherwise he probably would have killed her.

He walked right pass the receptionist and into Imran’s office. He was in a meeting but King didn’t give a damn. He walked over to Imran and his fist connected with the man’s face before he could utter a word. King then commenced to beating the s**t out of him. He beat him so badly that he wasn’t moving. King hadn’t taken any notice to Imran’s business associates begging him to stop or calling the police. By the time he’d come out of his blind rage King was in cuffs. He couldn’t believe he’d gotten into all this drama over a female whom he thought loved him. Once again he had been played and now he might be facing attempted murder charges. How could he explain this to his kids? What was going to happen to RBM now?

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March 7
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Breez' ,

Rich Boy Mafia

. Really good book and makes u want to keep reading . Just needs better revising and editing .

Trinadwashere ,


I need to know what happens to king and his family. That Ima or how every you spell it guy was bad business. I hope Trish gets what's coming for her. When can I read part 2?

lashellluvsagoodread ,

Rich boy mafia

Part two please