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If you turn on the evening news or listen to NPR you’ll be bombarded with a non-stop parade of commentators pontificating on the ever expanding gap between the rich and the poor.  But is the chasm really that wide?  In Rich Man Poor Man, comedian and bestselling author Adam Carolla exposes the phenomena that are embraced by the really rich and the really poor--but never the middle class--like having an outdoor shower, wearing your pajamas all day, or always having your dog with you. Combining Adam's inimitable comedic voice and four-color illustrations by his friend Michael Narren, Rich Man Poor Man is a hilariously accurate look at what the people born with silver spoons in their mouths have in common with the people whose only utensils are plastic sporks stolen from a Shakey's.

January 17
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

Eric C. ,

I'm glad to give Adam $6, but this book sucked.

I love Adam's podcast and glad to give $5.99 towards his wares to keep the show alive. No complaints about that, I'd buy his dog Molly's pinworms for $10 to keep his podcast going.

Very short, too short, even Adam could read this one cover to cover in less than 10 minutes. No new material, same luke warm recirculated content from years ago. Would be a bit more fun for someone new to the idea. If you're a fan of Adam Carolla, do yourself a favor and buy this book as a gift for someone else, because you as a fan are going to be a bit disappointed.

Adamsfanjess ,

Always funny

I can never get enough of Adam Carolla's humor! He is a genius. Great book!!

Lucky13two ,

Aceman, "It's a Hit!"

Adam does it again! Great read, just to darn short. Loved the illustrations, Michael Narren brings the rich man poor man observations to life. Must have for all Adam Carolla fans!

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