Road to Ruin

Road to Ruin Series

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He ruined me for all other men.

Damian wandered into my shop and changed my life.

But racing with the biker is not all fun and games.

It’s a high stakes world, with death always lingering in the background.

And if I want to survive, I’ll have to hold onto him for dear life.


I’m a racer.

I’ve lived my whole life in the fast line.

Full speed ahead, no matter the cost.

No quitting. No stopping.

But then I met Eris.

And I realized that some things might be worth slowing down for.

Especially the fiery redhead with a body curvier than the racetrack.

She’s quiet and innocent on the surface, but below that flawless exterior is a churning engine, ready to be unleashed…

Just as soon as I pull her trigger.

She doesn’t know how to handle a man like me.

But I’m gonna convince her to come take a ride on the biker.

And as soon as she gives in, there’ll be no going back.

She’s got a one-way ticket on the road to ruin.


He’s everything I was taught to stay away from.

He’s reckless and crude.

Wild and untamed.

And one look into those shimmering eyes tells me he’s thinking the filthiest thoughts imaginable…

Starring me.

There’s a countertop between us, but I can still feel his presence like a heat wave.

I can smell his musk, leather and sweat and cologne and engine smoke, rolling off him and consuming me.

It makes something inside me come alive.

But this something that the outlaw woke up is a dangerous impulse.

It’s telling me to throw away my whole life – everything I’ve ever known – and take him up on his offer.

I know that, if I get on the back of his chopper, I’ll never return.

Or, if I do, I won’t be the same.

Because the biker’s hands were built for breaking girls like me.

And, despite every reason to say no, I can’t help but say yes when he leans over, seizes my throat in his palm, and whispers to me…

“You’re mine now, baby.”

This is the first book in the Complete Road to Ruin Series by Paula Cox.

December 3
Wild Hearts Romance
Vasko Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

Jossielou ,

Road to Ruin

Very intriguing, this first part laid the groundwork for a very interesting story that I want to explore more of. Two very unlikely souls find each other with so much to lose.

Sallypoohbear ,


Really enjoyable! Love the imagery and the setup of the story. Good characters as well and loving that the female role is intelligent.

G000girl ,

Road to Ruin by ‘Paula Cox from WHR email

Eris is on a year break from her strict religious upbringing. She meets Damian and some of his The Damned motorcycle club members while working at the 7-11 one night. As Damian was leaving, he told her that he would like to see her again. And sure enough he shows up when she gets off, and takes her to breakfast. She agrees to another date hoping to outgrow her boring life.

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