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Jason Bourne returns in this stunning new thriller from Eric Van Lustbader, continuing Robert Ludlum's classic series.

General Boris Karpov, head of the feared Russian FSB, is dead. But Karpov has reached out from the grave with an unstoppable cyber operation he conceived before his murder, aimed at the heart of the United States--a way to steal the president's nuclear launch codes. Who has taken over the operation? Karpov trusted only one man: Jason Bourne. But can Bourne be working against his own country? The U.S. Government is convinced of his treason, and is doing everything in its power to kill him. Flushed from cover and gravely wounded, Bourne's only hope is to join forces with his bitterest enemy: a powerful Somali terrorist named Keyre, and his protégée, the Angelmaker. If he hopes to survive, Bourne has no choice but unravel the mystery of Karpov's last legacy--a weaponized code that may bring about the unthinkable: a violent end to America.

Mysteries & Thrillers
June 13
Grand Central Publishing
Hachette Digital, Inc.

Customer Reviews

jeff lantz photographer ,

Furthering the tradition

EL took up Ludlum's mantel and has truly and honestly carried it forward with each new Bourne novel. This one was no exception. Well done!

Super Clock ,

Bourne Initiative

Disappointed. Too many sub plots, taking the main plot sketchy at best. If you are doing a book about him keep the reader wanting to keep reading your book, just t convoluted. A waist of money.

The author should be ashamed of this third rated book.

DarkbladeDemon ,

Too quickly strung together

This book was entertaining, though the plot and the character development seemed to flail around most of the time. I can tell that Lustbader wanted this book to be the second half of the previous book, Enigma, but the way it starts with little explanation of the previous events and ends very abruptly, it’s hard for me to personally recommend this book to anyone.

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