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Violet has solved one of the stresses in her life, but is still avoiding her mother's calls, refusing to believe the story she's been told about Christian's past. But when an emergency in Athens forces Violet to call her, she can't stop thinking about her mother's words.

Violet gets the whole story from Ellen Gere and from Christian himself, but will the truth make Violet pull away from Christian, or bring them closer together?

This 10,000 word erotic romance is the third instalment in a four-part series detailing the love between Violet and rock star Christian Anderson. Here's an excerpt:

“Hey, all of us are going to go out for dinner tonight, just the band members and girlfriends. Want to join us?”

“Sure” I replied. Christian wrapped his arm around me and led me down the hallway, towards the waiting car. We drove to a nice quarter of town, being dropped off in front of an Italian restaurant.

“Really? We’re in Hungary and we’re going to an Italian place?” I asked. I wasn’t exactly a seasoned traveller, and I didn’t really know what food Hungarians ate, other than goulash, but I had been expecting to find out. Christian smiled at me ruefully.

“Yeah, I know what you mean, but Pete insisted, he said he heard it’s awesome. But I promise to take you out tomorrow, we’ll find the best Hungarian food in Budapest” he added, whispering the last bit into my ear, kissing my lobe slightly before finding my face and planting another perfect soft kiss on my lips, sending fire coursing through me. All of a sudden dinner was the last thing on my mind, as I pulled him to me and kissed him back.

Christian’s arms wrapped around my waist and he pressed me gently against the wall of the hallway, his lips finding mine. My arms moved up to his shoulders as pleasure began to race through me.

May 23
Diamond Star Publishing
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

~rOcKeR_cHiK~ ,


There were a lot of typos and grammar mistakes in all these books. The story is good tho.

Lholmly ,


The story was marginal. Most distracting were all the grammar and word errors. The wrong character names were used at times. Hire an editor/proofreader.

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