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Get ready to read all night. 

International bestseller Rachael Herron gives you a stand-alone romance you won't be able to put down. 

Love 'em and leave 'em wanting more, that's always been Jake's motto. Only one thing matters, and it's not love--it's  the pure freedom of the open ocean, the wind in the rigging, and nothing but blue water ahead. 

Zora, though? 

She was the one catch it hurt to release. 

Okay, the honest truth is she dumped him a really long time ago, and he's never known why, though it sure as hell couldn't have been the sex because she's still the hottest woman he's ever seen in his life. 

Now that she's back and on his reality show, On the Market, he can clearly see there's a dark secret behind her incredible eyes. 

And no matter what it takes, Jake's going to find out what she's hiding from him so he can finally be free again. 

It's totally not a problem that he kind of WANTS to get caught in her net. Nope. 

No problem at all. 

That's what Jake's telling himself, anyway. 

The Bachelor meets The Property Brothers:

Love, property, and construction. What could possibly go wrong? 

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January 23
HGA Publishing
HGA Publishing

Customer Reviews

kimbnaz ,

Another happy ending from Rachael Herron!

Rachael never disappoints. Whether the Cypress Hollow books or the Darling Bay books, I always finish them with a smile on my face. This latest and last book in the Ballard Brothers trilogy is about Jake, the only brother left without a bride. This book can absolutely be read as a standalone, or you can read this one first and move on to the other Ballard brothers later.

Jake is the wandering brother, the one who simply refuses to put down roots. He lives on his boat in the harbor and dreams of leaving to sail to New Zealand. Except Jake has a commitment to the brothers’ home renovation show. Nor does Jake have the money to pull up anchor and hit the seas. Along comes Zora, Jake’s high school girlfriend, who wants to buy her own home. Zora has dreams of owning a home but doesn’t have the money to purchase anything in Darling Bay. Jake’s sister-in-law steps in and makes Jake and Zora an offer that can’t be refused.

Darling Bay is this wonderful seaside town in northern California, all of Rachael Herron’s making. There are several trilogies that take place in this perfect town - The Songbirds of Darling Bay and The Ballard Brothers of Darling Bay. As I said they can be read as standalone novels or in order, but they should be read! Rachael’s books are the perfect sweet romance novels. They provide enough romance balanced with reality. Her characters are fallible, and mostly loveable, and every novel is wrapped up neatly in a bow at the end. That’s important to me when I’m reading for fun. Rachael’s books are the books that I sprinkle in between the more heavy and difficult reads. Because I know that when I pick up one of these books, I’m in for a fun, lighthearted story that is going to make me happy.

My only complaint about any of Rachael’s novels is that they go too fast. I can’t seem to put them down. When I finish I am anxiously awaiting the next release. She just can’t write fast enough!

review also posted at bookwormishme.com

EbWeb2019 ,

Zora was annoying

I really tried to like this book, however, the main character Zora was truly annoying and whiny. This was my least favorite book in the series. Zora seemed to complain about everything, it got to the point I started skipping pages just to wrap up the book.

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