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Rockin' ROI is a beginner's guide to marketing for ecommerce entrepreneurs who need results from the get-go, while avoiding costly pitfalls. 

Learn three phases to successful marketing: planning, content and promotion. Answer initial critical questions to lay out goals, ensuring the right leads and a shortened sales cycle. Then put strategy in place to hit goals, reducing the frustration and cost of poor results and the need to redo ads, landing pages, materials or sites. 

The two-fold premise of Rockin' ROI is to embrace each medium sequentially, starting with free platforms, progressing from the least expensive to the next, while taming each profitably.

Get tips to spend less on advertising and better results by analyzing performance. Written by a performance-driven marketer, Rockin' ROI reflects her ingrained compulsion to test, track, and tweak campaigns. 

Complete with exercises and templates for business strategies and marketing implementation, Rockin' ROI provides referrals to key experts and resources recommended or used by the author for ongoing education.

From the author:

Initially, I was inspired by the concerns of friends who, as small business owners, felt overwhelmed by the time and knowledge needed to take on social media. I wanted to teach share tools I use that save time and money. That was just the beginning.

This project then expanded when it seemed the perfect opportunity to present results-driven marketing methods, my personal passion, used by successful corporations as well as frugal-minded entrepreneurs.

Coaching businesses large and small, helping with business planning, infrastructure development and marketing strategies, I've served brand names such as American Express, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Braun, Coors, Kemper Financial Services, M&M Mars, QVC, Soloflex, Time-Life and Volvo. My campaigns have returned up to $15 for every $1 in media spent. I'm also honored to speak at conferences nationwide.

My obsession to deliver the best return on marketing investment is what makes me tick. The moment crystalizing my future path occurred when, as a media director at an ad agency, I prepared a plan meeting my client's goals, perfectly estimating a radio campaign to reach the target audience across several day parts (e.g. morning drive, etc.) with the required frequency (average number of messages) and under the stipulated budget. Great, right? No. My boss instructed me to go rework it to spend every dollar. That seemed wrong to me then and it still does today.

The Bootstrap process

That epiphany inspires the book's progression matching a startup's ability to pay: from marketing efforts that are free through channels that are gradually more expensive, while continuing to meet ROI.

The book starts with marketing goal setting and planning, moves on to the creation of a solid foundation of online and offline sites and materials. Then it addresses content creation to engage a target audience with built-in campaign management and measurement.

My hope is that readers will continue to learn from experts that I do. Once you identity your favorites, read the books, blogs and follow the same professionals to go deeper into those topics. Chapters include further reading recommendations as does my blog at dmcenter.com.

The road map for every business will continue to adapt as new opportunities become available. With planning, small businesses will realize they can manage time while they hit their goals.

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August 25
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