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It's my turn to fight the shady Organization that's dug its f*****g claws into every business in my town. Setting up my trap while keeping my friends safe is a challenge—and my private life shouldn't interfere.
Except it does. Because the only way to reach the center of the web is to crawl right into the spider's lair—and that turns out to be the Cronin Scarlet Hotel. Luxury hotel with a kink, and my regular haunt.
The perfect way in. Nobody will bat an eye if I ask for my usual relief from stress in one of their stylish pain rooms with some random girl who likes to dom. It will only take a phone call.
But there's one complication: Mia.
A very sexy complication. She works at the hotel as a cleaning maid, and she's prim and proper and damn pretty. So buttoned up, her gaze so icy when she looks at me, she pushes all my buttons. I want to tie her up, I want her to tie me up, I want to try every filthy kink possible with her.
But she doesn't want anything to do with me. Or at least, she didn't, until the last time I happened to be there. One searing hot kiss and I was lost.
Why do I want a girl who's nothing like the dominant women I usually go for? And how the hell am I going to keep my mind on taking down the corrupted Organization when she's around?

* Standalone romantic suspense novel, though Best read after Storm and Hawk *

October 25
Jo Raven
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

cheriinnis ,

What an intense 3 books

This story is wild, captivating. Good drama and love story. A brotherhood. Kept me wanting more. Loved the whole storyline and how each book flowed together.

AC2BookBlog ,

So good!

This book was THE PERFECT end to this series. Really, it was the perfect everything. I absolutely adore romance books that have action in them, for me it's the absolute best! These men are our white knights, in the most rugged, handsome, bad boy types of way. Rook was someone who I wasn't really sure I understood, but we find out so much about him in this book. He has such a dark, layered and complicated past. Nothing about the lives of these men was easy, but Rook seemed to have everything especially hard. He also seemed to care so much, and he was dead set on making things right.

Mia, she's the best, I loved her so much from the time we meet her. I love how awkward she was at the hotel she worked at, it made everything so much more entertaining. I also love how she's introduced to Rook. Rook seemed to have completely changed her mindset throughout this book, made her re-think things. The chemistry these two had was fire! I loved the anticipation of seeing what was going to happen. Jo made us wait, she made us beg for their coupling. That is the best feeling, I just love when we have to work for it. She wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty, and we even have a few surprises. Well, many surprises, twists and turns. It was all so good!

The end of this book, oh it's so special. Jo, you really know how to write an epilogue! I think it's important to get closure, and this is a great way to get it. Can't wait to see what's up Jo's sleeve next!

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