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I thought I was safe.  

I still remember smoothing my dress and putting on my earrings the day it all happened.  The day my family was murdered and I was taken. 

The chain around my neck won’t ever leave me, but I won’t stop fighting.  I’ll have my revenge at any cost so long as I can remember the girl I used to be. 

But I didn’t expect Kane.  A man of power and fear, yet he shows me kindness. 

Kindness I desperately need.  

Kindness that will break me. 

July 14
Willow Winters Publishing LLC
Willow Winters Publishing LLC

Customer Reviews

VL1979 ,

Love it

Kane & Ava are through together and the instant he sees Ava he can't believe what he sees. Kane has no one they were all killed and now he wants to get back into the mafia and Ava was a mafia princess but her family was killed and they kept her and abused, used and tortured her. Kane won't have anything to do with human trafficking and wants the Valetti's help. Ava has to put on a good front but it slips and Kane knows what is gonna happen, she wants to leave. It's a hard decision but Kane knows she needs to help herself. Can Ava find it in herself to feel that she does deserve the love of Kane? Really love this series and the characters, I couldn't put this book down.

Bookbytch5 ,

Great Book, Great Author

I would recommend this book, It's a great read from start to finish, The story of Kane & Ava is not yur typical romance, It was so intense full of emotions of pain & betrayal & the abuse with a few murders throwing in, Brilliant job Willow.

ddfbush ,

Nothing Rough about this Book!

I need Kane in my life....

He is a mobster having to start over with a new "family" due to some unfortunate circumstances. She is the "prize", a mafia princess. I love the drama that unfolds in these stories. What I loved even better, I read this book first (it's actually the 3rd), but because of how Willow wrote them, I didn't feel lost. Granted when I went back and read the stories in the correct order, things clicked a little more.

I don't want to give too much away so I'm not going to say anything else except- it had me on edge! It was just hot steamy sex but there was more to the story!

Read the book... read the SERIES!

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