Rubber Balls and Liquor Rubber Balls and Liquor

Rubber Balls and Liquor

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Publisher Description

Nobody ever reads this part of the book. Somebody at the publishing house explained to me that it's actually called the book flap. That sounded dirty, so I giggled for three hours. But it says in my contract that I have to write something over here in this tiny space, even though I don't think anyone will notice. Some people might open up to the middle of the book and start flipping through pages, but nobody will read this part. In fact, I'll bet anything that you're not reading this part now. And if it turns out that you are . . . well, the guy in the bookstore is probably staring at you, saying, "Stop reading that book!" I guess there's a reason bookstores are going out of business, left and right. Cheap fucks like you think it's okay to stand in the aisles and read to your heart's content. So for the sake of bookstores everywhere, buy this fucking book. I myself don't care. I only care about the poor working man. Oh, and the sanctity of the written word. I care about that, too. And in my case, those written words, of course, include fuck, dick, and pussy.

In the early 1970s, as our nation's youth railed against every conceivable societal norm, a funny-looking teenage Jew started turning up at open mike nights in various New York City comedy clubs. Surprisingly, he didn't suck. That funny-looking teenage Jew is now the even funnier-looking middle-aged comedian Gilbert Gottfried, who despite his transparent shortcomings has managed to carve out a hardly-respectable career—and a reputation for shock and awe unrivaled outside the Bush administration. With this scathingly funny book of rants and musings, Gottfried sullies an entirely new medium with his dysfunctional worldview.

• Gut-wrenching stories from his bizarre childhood
• A list of celebrities Gilbert would like to have sex with
• A somewhat shorter list of celebrities who would like to have sex with Gilbert
• An even shorter list of Gilbert's comely co-stars who have been forced to have sex with him on-
• Side-splitting tales of the worst gigs he's ever performed
• Incredibly awkward encounters with famous people from Gilbert's years as a celebrity (of sorts), including Harrison Ford, Keifer Sutherland, Hugh Hefner and one wildly offensive exchange with Marlee Matlin that left the actress speechless
• Signature takes on timeless jokes, presented in a clip‘n save format so humorless readers can
commit them to memory or tear them from the book's spine and carry them around in their wallets to
amuse their friends
• The story behind Gilbert's infamous retelling of the classic "Aristocrats" routine that defined the most
recent phase of his career
• And much more!

Biographies & Memoirs
April 26
St. Martin's Publishing Group

Customer Reviews

mohrbius ,

The first 20 pages

After hearing Gilbert on Stern this morning, I decided to give the first 20 pages a looksie. I'm hooked. Gilbert scribes exactly like he talks, finding ample ways to simultaneously offend and entertain the masses.

Sarcasm and humility abound, I certainly recommend this to all Gilbert fans out there. The read is paced well and full of vigor, unlike his bedroom experiences.

Infotainer ,

He's Funny

Gilbert is truly a one man comedic wonder. I've been waiting for him to write a book for years and it's finally here. It really is a treat! If you want to laugh and learn the method behind his madness and learn about his personal life, get it. Buy it. Period.

KevinMuise ,

Clever and Funny

I am a fan from the roasts and Howard Stern. I very much enjoyed this book.

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