Running Blind

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Tension sizzles in this new book in the One-Eyed Jacks series by New York Times bestseller Cindy Gerard: a sexy, pulse-pounding story featuring special ops agent Jamie Cooper and a female cyber analyst as they fight for justice and fall in love.

No commitments, no promises, no looking back. Those are her rules. They used to be his rules, too. Counterterrorism operative and shameless playboy Jamie Cooper has gone head-to-head with some formidable opponents, but none so quick-witted, free-spirited, and smokin’ hot as security analyst Rhonda Burns. She lives up to her name, all fiery passion and zero inhibitions. In the wake of a sniper attack that leaves a close friend clinging to life, the duo is pegged to undertake the One-Eyed Jacks’ latest security mission alone—an assignment that leads them to a top-secret desert military facility. Almost immediately, the sexual tension that has been brewing for months erupts, blindsiding Rhonda and Jamie with the intensity of their feelings. They try to play it cool, but when an elite terrorist team makes the future uncertain, they ask themselves: is it now or never?

February 24
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Customer Reviews

captfixit ,


I’ve gobbled all Cindy Gerard’s books. All are great... and so very believable.

MsRomanticReads ,

A Top Pick for me. Nail-biting plot and tons of action with a bit of romance.

Revenge. The One-Eyed Jacks have to watch their six while a sniper takes aim at three of them and nearly sends Eva to an early grave. While the team scrambles to find the sniper, another more lethal plan is in motion.

A military research and development facility under siege. The only thing standing between the Russians and world domination are a black ops operative and a bombshell computer geek.

They never meant to fall in love. However, intense situations tend to reveal courage and put life into perspective. Cindy Gerard delivers a nail-biting plot and tons of action with a bit of romance mixed in to raise the stakes for our two heroic protagonists.

This book blew me away! I’ve only read the first book in this series so far, but I remembered enough that I can say I enjoyed this one so much more. The plot was just so darn riveting. The romance didn't distract from the suspenseful plot, however the love scenes seemed more subdued in comparison to the author’s other books (by that I mean the sex was somewhat fade to black), but I was still sucked in by the sexual tension, the technical dialogues and by the maturity they displayed.

Rhonda was beauty and brains personified. She had a certain look that turned heads, but she never played it up. She projected confidence and sassiness, and she was not only good at blasting through firewalls, she was also good at erecting them...around her heart. She’d given up on love eight years ago after a devastating loss and betrayal. She wasn’t counting on Jamie having a hidden depth, and slowly worming his way into her mind and heart. There were a few times she took the initiative (another reason to give her plus points).

Jamie was a perfect match for her in every way. I loved the cheeky needling; they gave as good as they got. But when things got tough, he treated her like an equal. They were cool under pressure, and I just loved seeing them work and communicate with ease. Rhonda wasn’t shy about putting him in his place when he acted like a jerk at one point. Surprisingly, Jamie was the first to come around and acknowledge that he wanted more than to scratch an itch.

This story took place over eight days, and they moved rather quickly from colleagues to lovers, but the romance felt believable under those circumstances. There were multiple POVs, aside from our H/h, we also got to see inside the minds of the villains to add some interest and suspense. I would say this book can be read as a stand alone, since Rhonda got a briefing on the events of book one.

If you love outstanding romantic suspense, you shouldn't look any further. You can't go wrong with a Cindy Gerard book.

*Complimentary ARC provided by the publisher for the purpose of an honest review.

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