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Wearing the fur, waving the wand, and wrecking the world! From Witch to familiar in one Bibbidi, Bobbidi, BOOM! It's back to Asscrack to beg and grovel and pray to the Goddess that Zelda, the next Baba Yaga & Almighty Shifter Wanker, will undo the mess I've made and return me to my beautifully curvy body on two legs instead of the four little furry ones I am presently sporting.

Let me share with you that smelling butts and having mine accosted at every turn by any random nose from any random animal who just happens to be passing by, is really, and I mean really, not a turn-on. I'm ready to be human again in the worst way and willing to plead and clean toilets (Gross!) if Zelda will just make with the magic and goofy rhyming spell.

Of course, there's a hitch, and I'm praying she doesn't ask, because if she does I might die of embarrassment before I ever get to wear my new Jimmy Choos. Can you keep a secret? This is just between us, right? Good! Well, the spell that went crazy and covered not only my backyard but also me in neon orange lava was a ritual of my design meant to find my one and only lovey-dovey mate. So, now I'm wondering if getting changed in a cat and having my magic go on the fritz is the Universe's way of saying, "You, Sammie Jo, are doomed to live alone. Give it up and go be a cat, at least it's better than a Cat Lady.

Sigh! I just hope I didn't mess up something in the fabric of time and space and let a big, ghoul out of its supernatural cage because then there's no way Zelda will save my ass. Yay! One more thing to worry about. I think I'll go lay in the sun and take a nap, I'm about ten hours short of my required sixteen and I'd hate to get bags under these tiny little cat eyes.

Toodles and…keep the faith, I'm gonna need all the help I can get. XOXO

August 27
Julia Mills
Draft2Digital, LLC

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fcheavenly ,

Vaughn and Sammie

Once again this heartless ( I say that lovingly) author brought an amazing character to life and has me yearning to have more of her story. Just a dozen more books about Sammie jo and Vaughn, that's not much is it? You know, their life without and then with kids, future pets, future spell mishaps, their daughters first boyfriend…not much at all! Okay back to the review, yes, it's perfection, it had a slight publishing boo boo but it kind of fit in perfectly with the snarky humor of this series! The characters usually have some major glitch to overcome so why not the book too! Bravo Ms. Mills for another slam dunk beauty . (this review was written for a previous release.)

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