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The Red Waaagh! sweeps across the Knight world of Alaric Prime, and Guardsmen die by the thousands to the brutality of the orks – but the tide is about to turn. It is the Hour of the Wolf, and the sons of Fenris have arrived to bring the wrath of the Allfather to the savage greenskins. It is war on an apocalyptic scale, and many of the Space Wolves' mightiest heroes lead their Great Companies against the teeming hordes of the Red Waaagh!, each hungry to win glory in the eyes of the Allfather. Yet unbeknownst to all, dark forces stir on Alaric Prime that could spell the doom of the planet and its stalwart defenders.

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Waaagh! Ahem, sorry, got carried away. This collection contains tons of tales set during the ork invasion of the Sanctus Reach, including a first from Black Library, a novella told entirely from the point of view of the orks themselves... As well as that, these tales chart the death of a Space Marine Chapter, inquisitors and assassins on secretive missions and the thorny issue of what to do when Ragnar Blackmane gets lost in his rage and endangers his brother Space Wolves.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 14
Black Library
Games Workshop Limited

Customer Reviews

Waaag! ,

Not too bad for the price

Thought this was a good read, particularly from the perspective of the orks. But after reading some of the most recent Vlyka Fenyra novels Wrath of Fenris & Stormcaller I was a little disappointed in how the author encapsulates the Space Wolves and most particularly Ragnar Blackmane portraying him nothing short as a World Eater in my opinion.

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