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The books I've created are inspired by the paintings I've made over the years and my concern for the ecological challenges and environmental issues facing our world.

I don't think I could have created this book if i had not experienced Hurricane Sandy firsthand. I dedicate this book to all the brave people of New York City who survived it and live to tell about it. It is the 5th installment in the Broken Skyline series.

Garbage Bag and his friends are in for a big surprise. Super storm Sandy is approaching and all the structures and buildings of New York City are sensing it and getting ready for it. The Seaport senses Sandy first and tries to warn the others. Garbage Bag sees the Running Bridge. Lamppost and McDonald's embrace. Empire Snake Building succumbs to nature.

Young Adult
June 2
Simpatico Books
washington eloy chavez
Grades 3-11

Customer Reviews

Reuben Ephraim ,

Eloy Expresses Himself in Lieu of Another NYC Tragedy

Again Eloy turns his artistic gaze on a New York City based tragedy. Eloy reworks his artwork to symbolize the flooding of New York City. What he does is very fascinating. He uses one of his pieces and explores it in different ways by re drawing the same composition or adding digital effects to previous pieces. His process is an interesting one. Many great artists revisit their imagery over and over again. Take Picasso or O’keefe for example, but what Eloy does that differentiates him from other artists is that he not only reworks his imagery, but fits it into a narrative context. This narrative is about Super Storm Sandy, and in this book we see Eloy do something different. Instead of using all existing work to create this narrative he has added to his oeuvre and created all new pieces with the intention of being in this book. Again we get the reactions from all the buildings of New York City as the ominous storm approaches. There’s the clairvoyance of the South Street Seaport, the obliviousness of the bridges, and the transformative fear of the “Empire Snake Building.”

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