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This penetrating comparative analysis of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Oprah Winfrey, and other superachievers revealed an astonishing truth.  Incredibly, they all deployed the same success strategy - a strategy which Savanting arms everyone to duplicate.  

In actuality, these illustrious careers demonstrate a new way of operating.  Savanting: Outperforming your Potential unveils an unprecedented, "biology-based" protocol for achieving one's most sought-after career and life goals.  Imagine what you could accomplish with biological maximization.

This breakthrough protocol was developed over the decades of this author's career maximization work.  Her real-life experimentation was informed by her degree in bio-anthropology and her own innate predisposition for this work. 

Famous superachievers are not the only ones to use this remarkable achievement-enhancing methodology.  Surprisingly, it is also behind the unexplained superskills of savants. 

It enables them to "outperform their potential" to achieve incredible feats of genius from deficient brains theoretically incapable of them.  Persuasive arguments suggest that this biology-driven protocol makes savant-like functionality accessible to everyone.

According to this award-winning author, we merely need to exploit the links between internal and external biology which have co-evolved to increase human adaptivity and potential.  This is how you too may "outperform your assumed potential."

Consequently, this new internal-external protocol empowers creativity from noncreatives; breakthroughs from the nonbrilliant; prophetic vision from nonvisionaries; and accelerated execution from the execution-challenged. 

In Savanting's final chapters, this just-proved success formula is then projected out to show how man's most desired goals can be byproducts of applying it - 
the extreme self-knowledge of enlightenment;self-actualization and self-transcendence;meaningful contribution;self-love and happiness;wholeness and the self-repair necessary to achieve it;expanded and even cosmic consciousness; anda reliable process for identifying one's true biology-defined purpose and attaining one's greatest intrinsic and extrinsic rewards. 
These byproducts suggest we have access to an elevated level of human potential simply by changing how we operate.  These byproducts therefore have profound implications for how future generations will function.

Not only will there be a fundamental revision to our method of operation but to the expansions of consciousness from which we'll achieve.  The path of human evolution becomes obvious. 

Savanting is an opportunity for you to discover what you are truly capable of achieving and experiencing. This avant-garde protocol is an opportunity for you to facilitate our inevitable evolution.  Join the movement to operate as the future human now.

Health, Mind & Body
January 1
Lauren Holmes
Ingram DV LLC

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