Scored Scored
Book 1 - The Virgin Playbook


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Publisher Description

Begging my brother’s best friend—and NHL superstar, Ian Fox—to help me ditch my V Card wasn’t part of my “make it big in NYC” plans.

But after years of being “cute little Evie,” I’m tired of waiting for Mr. Right. I’m ready for Mr. Right Now and Ian is everything I’ve ever wanted in a first time. He’s kind, funny, confident, and has a legendary…stick.

Seriously, his stick has its own page of search results, complete with gray sweatpants shots hot enough to make even a clueless virgin drool.

And yes, my brother will murder us if he finds out, but we’re both grownups.

We can keep a secret. We have to since I just landed an art therapy job working with his troubled team.

All we’re doing is a little practice. (Or…ehem...big practice.)

Too bad my heart didn’t get the memo.

March 1
Self Taught Ninja
Self Taught Ninja

Customer Reviews

AudioAgal16 ,

Brother’s best friend secret romance!

LOVE love love!

First, I just adore Evie. She's amazing. Adorable and artsy and trying to win over her long-time crush!

And who doesn't love a relationship that needs to be kept secret? Hilarity ensues.

Always some suspense in Lili's books, and I'm totally here for it! These are not your everyday romcoms! I can never put her books down!

Szmoromou ,

Sweet and Strong

I have been a big fan of Lili Valente and she never disappoints. Scored is a big brother's best friend and little sister romance. Ian and Evie have been in each other's lives for a very long time. As Derrick's best friend, Ian has been around to see the ugly and nice. Being 8 years older than Evie, Ian has always been the other older brother, there to protect Evie from all the bad things in life. Evie didn't grow up with the best family life and Ian has been there to see it all. He vowed to protect her and that is just what he has done.
Evie is 24 years old and still a virgin. She doesn't want to lose her virginity to just anyone at this point. It needs to be someone she trusts and can be herself. So when the opportunity presents itself, who better than Ian to help her out. Once his relationship with Whitney ended, he became the perfect person to help Evie out. Two weeks of friends with benefits. Yea it can work, can't it?
Ian knew that it would be a really big risk helping Evie out. If Derrick were to ever find out, well not only would it end a friendship that has been solid and true, but with Derrick's temper, Ian could get really hurt. However, it's a risk Ian is worth taking once he realizes that Evie is more than just his best friend's little sister. He has always admired Evie, but Evie's recent transformation has opened Ian's eyes and deep down feelings for this amazing woman. Will Ian be the one to take her V-card and maybe her heart? Or will it be Evie who will steal Ian's heart?

BriWhale ,

A Fun & Romantic Hit

I’ve been a Lili Valente fan for quite a while now. And it’s precisely because of books like this one. Scored is a fun romcom that takes tropes that may make you roll your eyes at first (guilty), and presents them in a new and clever way. While I would consider this a light read, it was also a slow burn romance that tugs hard on the heartstrings. This is the kind of story I wish could be real life. I can’t wait for more of this series, especially with our virgin hero.

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