Scoring Position

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She’s playing the field…

Emma Garcia is ready to put down roots in Last Stand, Texas, and she’s ready for love – but only with someone settled and responsible. Professional wanderers like her ex-boyfriend, ballplayer Wes Ramsey, are exactly what she doesn’t need. Except when Wes walks into the local dance hall during her date with someone else, Emma can’t think about anyone but her sexy ex.

He's ready to score…

Wes is ready for the ride of his life now that his baseball career is taking off. He just needs to tie up loose ends at his family’s farm before spring training, a task he can’t focus on when the hometown rumor mill informs him that Emma is speed dating her way through the Last Stand locals in a bid to settle down. Wes knows he should leave well enough alone. But one hot look from his ex has him rethinking their split – and determined to show her what she’s missing!

May 7
Tule Publishing
Tule Publishing Inc.

Customer Reviews

Impurest420 ,

Second chances are the best

I loved this book, the main characters Emma and Wes are both so lovable and relatable. Their story is kind of a second chance as they had once failed to compromise to make a relationship work and had to grow and learn what they each wanted most of themselves and each other. As an added bonus in this story there is finally some resolution between Alexis and Ty so it’s kind of a dual romance and satisfying ending for both couples.

Doodlebugscmi ,

Second chance Romance

This has been a tough month for me. With everything going on in our country these days, reading a good book should be first and foremost on my "need to do to relax list." Yes, I do have a list like that. However, since I haven't been feeling well, it has been difficult to read. My focus and comprehension seemed to have taken a vacation and as a result, it‘s taking me days instead of hours to finish a book. Even though I'm feeling better each day, it has been difficult getting back to routine. I couldn't have been happier when I tapped to the last page on my Kindle last night. Scoring Position was an easy read. The pace was smooth, the characters were all likable. And while the main H/h were complex individuals, this book did not have an overabundance of angst. So, for me, it was a smooth, enjoyable read about second chance romance.

Wes and Emma had a past. They were college sweethearts and could have easily taken their relationship to permanency. However, they had different goals so Emma thought it would be best to break up before their hearts were too involved. BOTH their hearts were already involved. Unfortunately, at that time in their lives, they didn't fight to stay together. But now, years later, they will get a second chance. Unfortunately, the same issues are prevalent that broke them up the first time.

Since this book is not very long, and has a steady reading pace, you should read it on your own to find out what happens. I'll admit, as Wes and Emma tried to navigate a new relationship, I really worried how this book would end. Sacrifices would be needed and it didn't seem like either would make any. At times, I felt both Wes and Emma were a bit selfish and that frustrated me. But the more I became engaged in the story; I found myself rooting for them both. In the end, Wes and Emma did not let me down. The book ended perfectly for me. I'm very glad I got to read this.

One more thing.....Scoring Position is book three in the Texas Playmakers series. I did not read the first two books but that made no difference, being this could be easily read as a standalone; I had no trouble enjoying it. As soon as I catch up with life, I will definitely be going back to read the first two books. I recommend this to anyone who loves romance, likable characters, and second chances.

This is my honest and unbiased review; thank you for taking the time to read it. :)

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