Scoring the Player Scoring the Player
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Scoring the Player

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Publisher Description

From USA TODAY bestselling author S.M. West comes a new standalone steamy, angsty, sports/medical romance.

All my life I’ve been keeping score and living by the rules:

1 1. Play it safe

2 2. Stay out of trouble

3 3. Hide who you really are

 To win, I go unnoticed and it’s working.

Until my predictable, virginal life comes under attack.

Worst of all, I’m the threat.

An escape to the cottage is the answer. 

Only, I’m not alone. 

Matthew Carruthers is here.

Pro football player. 

A six-foot-three slice of fun-loving sexy.

He’s everything I’ve never dared want and yet, I’m drawn to him.

Both faced with a major life decision, we vow to help one another.

Instead of sticking to the rules, I’m breaking them.

And being bad never felt so good. 

But this dream world can’t last. 

We have responsibilities, and honoring them means we can’t be together. 

Yet I’m unsure how to go back to my rules or if I even want to.

Not when Matt could be the biggest win of all.

May 5
SMW Books
S.M. West

Customer Reviews

Really enjoyed this ,

Fabulous book!!!

This was such a great book! It was about NFL Quarterback, Matt and surgical resident, Claire. They have mutual friends so they have met before. Both had crushes on the other but work across the country from each other. They both retreat to a mutual friend’s cottage to hide out from the world for a while.
It doesn’t take long for them to realize that they both have feelings for each other. They do have a few obstacles though: they still live across the country from each other, they are both at a crossroads in their career and Matt’s assistant shows up. She is a handful and demands attention. Specifically, she wants Matt’s attention. Finally, after a few days, Matt sends her packing. She is not happy about it.
This does, however, give Matt and Claire time together. Both realize that they have feelings for each other. They want to act on them but Matt wants more from Claire.
When the time comes for Claire to leave, she finds that she doesn’t want to leave Matt. Reminding herself of her life and responsibilities, she does leave. After being home for a day, Matt reaches out and tells her that he is in town, so Claire invites him over. Once again, they enjoy their time together. Matt notices that Claire is running herself ragged and urges her to get help for some underlying issues, but she refuses.
Much to her surprise, Matt’s assistant shows up at Claire’s hospital to tell her to leave Matt alone and flaunts an engagement ring at Claire. At home that evening, Claire has every intention of asking Matt if he is going to marry his assistant but Claire’s mom shows up and doesn’t give them any privacy. In the middle of the night, Claire wakes up sick and, again, Matt urges Claire to get help. Claire essentially tells Matt to go be with his assistant and to leave.
Matt respects Claire’s wishes about leaving but tells her that they are not over. Matt was set to leave for business anyway but hates the way they left things. Matt also confronts his assistant about going to Claire’s work and spots the ring on her finger. He then realizes the damage she’s done and tells her that he’s done with her and leaves.
Meanwhile, Matt reaches out to Claire’s mom and tells her that Claire needs their support. Claire’s family rallies around her and convinces her to get help. They tell her how Matt reached out to them, worried and concerned about her. Claire decides to surprise Matt. When Claire shows up at Matt’s place, he welcomes her with open arms, just glad to have her back.
They both have things to work out but find that together, they can do it. Matt and Claire get their HEA!
This author is new to me but I really enjoyed this book so I doubt it will be the book of hers that I read! I would definitely recommend this book!!!

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