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Scuba Confidential lifts the lid on the secrets of dive professionals and technical divers to help you master knowledge. skills and techniques that will make you a safer, more confident and more capable diver. It also offers an informed, balanced view on some of scuba diving's most contentious issues like going solo, deep diving and rebreathers and includes a comprehensive analysis of how diving accidents happen and how to make sure you do not become a statistic. Scuba Confidential gives you valuable insights on a vast range of topics such as what it is like to do a cave diving course, how to make sure you buy the right equipment, what to consider when choosing an instructor, things even the pros get wrong and where to find the best diving in the world. This is candid, no-nonsense practical advice from a professional who has been involved over the last three decades with virtually every aspect of the sport.

For example, have you ever wondered?

How to look as comfortable in the water as the professionals do?
What it is like to dive inside shipwrecks?
Which training courses are most worthwhile?
If you would make a good technical diver? 
If you should be considering a rebreather?
How you can improve your diving skills?
How you can reduce your air consumption?
Why diving accidents happen and how to prevent them?
Whether you might sometimes actually be safer solo diving?
How to dive deep safely? Or
How muck diving can possibly be any fun?

Scuba Confidential has the answers to these questions and many more.

If PADI's Open-Water manual is the Bibleof scuba diving, consider this the New Testament. Scuba Confidential isthe closest thing there is to a scuba diving self-help book and a must-read forany diver, new or old.
David Espinosa, 
Editor-in-Chief, Sport Diver magazines
Simon's wealth of knowledge as a divingeducator and experienced diver is evident within the content of thisbook. I especially like the 'Becoming a better diver' summaries with eachchapter, which are obviously the thrust of the book. A wise diver shouldcollect these into one document and study and understand them fully.
Kevin Gurr 
IANTD IT #6, Author of Technical DivingFrom the Bottom Up & Co-Founder of VR Technology
What a welcome book! I have beeninstructing SCUBA for several decades now and this will be anexcellent addition to the training books currently used. I would encourageall our clients to purchase it.
Evelyn Bartram Dudas
NAUI #8672
This is required reading for all divers, regardless ofexperience level, whose minds remain open to the book's underlying messagethat, "Learning to dive is easy; becoming a good diver is hard." 'ScubaConfidential' is much more than just another, 'How-To' diving manual. 
David Strike, OZTeK Organiser
Instead of writing another training manual, Simon hasutilised a unique approach to sharing his many years of experience underwater.Through the use of case histories Simon provides a black-box approach toavoiding some of diving's pitfalls and in doing so, he gives some great tipsand insights on subjects important to divers at all levels that may not befound in other publications. 
Terry Cummins OMA

Sports & Outdoors
June 17
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Knock me over with a feather ,

Scuba Confidential

Probably the single best dive book I’ve ever read. I own the audiobook, the ebook and the printed copy. A must have for anyone who dives regularly.

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