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One damaging relationship in his life refuses to end when the woman insists it's not over between them for her. Marsha makes Macklin's life hell…until she turns up dead and the evidence points straight at him.

As the new detective on the Coronado Police force, Alex is determined to make a good impression on her superiors and colleagues. That goal is thwarted by Macklin, who's the chief suspect in her murder investigation--and someone she longs to know a whole lot better. Whether she wants to or not, she can't let herself foolishly forget that his last girlfriend now occupies an ice-cold bed at the morgue.

During his thorough interrogation at the precinct by the sexy-beyond-belief detective, Macklin finds himself furious…and intrigued. Seems, alive or dead, Marsha is determined to make his life miserable. Alex intends to find out the truth, and, as an elite warrior himself, he admires her grift and ethics in pursuit of the answers. Damn that she's the first woman in a long time he'd love to get to know better. 

With no other option, Macklin has to help the detective solve the mystery--hopefully before Alex has no choice but to charge him with murder.

January 23
Valley Publishing Ltd.
Valley Publishing Ltd.

Customer Reviews

777sails ,

A fantastic novel!!!

I received a complimentary copy of this book and I am voluntarily reviewing it.

I LOVED this. These guys are the epitome of heroes!!! The plot and characters are so realistic. The suspense part of the book just make you turn page after page. It just grabs you from the beginning. I really hated to see the end. Macklin is such a wonderful character and Alex is such a strong female lead and perfect for him. The killer portion of this book really kept me guess as to the identity. I wouldn't have guessed it at all. I highly recommend this book to anyone!!!!

Ellen/Oceanside ,


MACKLIN by Dale Mayer. “Seals of Honor.” book 15
Alex new detective in town, approached him, one glance and he was intrigued, mesmerized by her blue eyes. A big mistake of his had been a woman named Marsha, so much so he hadn’t been dating at all. She had been stalking him, then it turned to hate. Even in death, she is still tormenting him. Alex has two cases going, are they connected. This was an intriguing plot, that captured me from the first, and staying till I finished the book. You love the characters, meeting Macklin, who had a wake up call after meeting Marsha. Readers will definitely want to read this book, as well as the series. Given ARC for my voluntary review and my honest opinion. Send back

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