Book 3 - Canyon Cove

Second Chance

A Billionaire Romance

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Publisher Description

Fifteen years ago billionaire rancher Mason Abernathy made a promise—he said he would come back for her, instead he broke her heart. 

Tara Murphy never forgot the man she calls the love of her life. Left with her memories, strong-willed Tara moved away from the reminders of her past to Canyon Cove. But when fate steps in and brings Mason back into her life, she’s torn between the love she still has and the agony he caused her.

Mason will do whatever it takes to have her back in his life, but can Tara move past the pain of their past and give him a Second Chance?


Playing Games (Cassie & Gabe)

No Regrets (Deborah & Will)

Second Chance (Tara & Mason)

Hearts Collide (Jackie & Brent)

Perfect Together (Becca & Gideon)

Canyon Cove Billionaires Box Set

August 13
Jaded Speck Publishing
Jaded Speck Publishing LLC

Customer Reviews

jlswainsboro ,


Title: Second Chance
Series: Canyon Cove
Designation: Book Three of Series, Standalone Novel, No Cliffhanger
Author: Liliana Rhodes
Wow! Second Chance is the third offering in Liliana Rhodes' delightfully entertaining Canyon Cove Series and what a treat to the senses it is! I loved it! If you're a fan of superbly written and heartfelt contemporary romance featuring a strong male and female lead, then this is the book for you. No wimps here and a wonderful story to boot! Rhodes has once again dazzled us with her remarkable talent and given us a novel more than worthy of a five star rating. I was totally captivated from the first page until the last and would highly recommend it to anyone who loves a great romance that teases the reader with a gradual seductive burn and builds it into a roaring blaze of sensuality, passion, tenderness, hope and love. The narrative is extremely well crafted and well written in the first person with alternating his and her points of view. It also includes intermittent flashbacks from both lead characters during their past relationship and is done flawlessly. It's fascinating to see and understand the different perspective of the same events as seen through the eyes of each character and heartbreaking to watch the resulting consequences. The dialogue is smart, realistic and at times humorous. The characters are very well developed, captivating, engaging, believable and very relatable. I very much enjoyed the banter between the two lead characters. It was both sexy and entertaining. The story evoked a wide range of emotions for me. I found it to be sweet, sensual, arousing, tender, passionate, heartbreaking, heartwarming and extremely romantic. Rhodes expertly combines these elements into a delicious, seductive and realistic romance that it sure to tease, tantalize and titillate your senses.

Beautiful horsewoman and trainer Tara Murphy gave up on romance and relationships fifteen years ago at the tender age of twenty two. That's not to say that she's given up on love. Oh no, she could never quite accomplish that feat. You see, she did fall hopelessly in love fifteen years ago, deeply and passionately, and has never stopped remembering her first and only love, Mason Abernathy. He made a promise to return to her. He broke not only his promise but broke her heart as well - and to this day, it has never healed. She left her job and her home in North Carolina as a result of her broken heart, no longer able to bear the heartache but never gave up hope that maybe one day, he would find her. She's settled in Canyon Cove for the last five years and although she has a wonderful job and a loyal group of friends, it still does not fill the empty void in her heart and soul. Her hope has grown dim - until now. But does she have the strength to allow that hope to be rekindled???

Businessman and rancher Mason Abernathy left his boyhood home in North Carolina fifteen years ago for a business opportunity in Germany and never returned. He lost the love of his life and now wanders aimlessly acquiring nothing but more wealth. He has no home now but rather lives from one hotel to another with no connection and no love. She was not only the love of his life but was the home for his heart and without her, he lost more than he ever imagined. Only when a serendipitous meeting of the two lost lovers occurs does Mason realize what he truly lost from his life and what he could regain by convincing her to return to his arms. But can the past ever be truly forgotten and forgiven??? Will they be able to build a bridge of trust and love from the past to their present??? Will Mason be able to convince Tara to give him and their love a "second chance"??? I'll never tell. No spoilers from me but I will say this....Beautiful, sassy, stubborn and independent horsewoman-check! Wealthy, handsome and very determined rancher/business-check! A selfish and scheming mother-check! Heartbreaking angst, heated attraction, unforgettable passion and sweet romance-check! A second chance at love-Maybe! That and a whole lot more! It made me believe in love again. There is no greater compliment I can give than that statement alone. Fabulous entertainment and an awesome read!
Complimentary copy received in exchange for an honest review.

Yeselli ,

Remember your first love?

This story will take you back to that first love you felt and possibly the heartache that followed. Liliana Rhodes weaves a great story about the "what if" you had a second chance at love. Fifteen years after they parted, Tara and Mason meet again and nothing has changed. Moving forward they discover that time hasn't erased their love, their passion or painfully, their doubts. A great story about a sassy and sexy woman who never forgot her first true love. A man who never felt like home unless he was with her.

DonnaHok ,

Trusting the second time is harder than the first

Sixteen years ago Tara and Mason was a couple for six months. They fell in love and thought they would be together for life. But Mason left for an opportunity in Germany and never came back. Not long after Tara left her job and Mason’s family’s ranch where she had met Mason. Sixteen years later and a chance meeting and she knows her feeling never changed but the hurts still there. Could she trust him again? Miscommunication and manipulation form someone kept mason away from ever coming back to Tara. Will the truth of what really happened come to light or will the past interfere with any future they may have together? Loved this well written and self-contained story.

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