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Natalie Parker pretended to be old and ugly at work until one trip to the doctor meant she might be pregnant.

Galen Morgan doesn’t need a wife. He’s already tried that route, and it didn’t work. By day, he’s a cool, calm, confident real estate developer who is raking in billions of dollars. By night, he dates bad girls to keep his loneliness at bay. But when he hooks up with a bad girl at his brother’s wedding, he finds himself at the center of a situation he never imagined possible.

Natalie Parker is just trying to keep her job. If that means she has to disguise herself to keep a roof over her head, then that’s what she’ll do. But when she runs into her boss in the unlikeliest of places—the gynecologist’s office—she’s forced to confess her secret and hope for the best. 

Unfortunately, fate isn’t done with her quite yet. There’s another surprise coming down the pike, one where she might end up being pregnant even though she’s never touched anyone in the House of Morgan. And this time, secrets could change everything, including her relationship with her boss.

Will Galen and Natalie’s shared mishap lead them to love or more trouble for the both of them?

This story is Jane the Virgin meets the family drama only found in the House of Morgan. One Click to Get Your Copy Today!

October 2
Love in a Book
Love in a Book

Customer Reviews

Seferg ,

Very enjoyable

This was an interesting, well-written book but I found the beginning story to be someewhat unbelievable. Galen Morgan’s secretary Natalie is not really a 40 something year old woman. She assumed that disguise to get the job she knew she was qualified for but would probably not have gotten if she went to the job interview as the late 20 something , attractive , single woman she actually was. Galen is one of the young, attractive billionaire Morgan children. His very mean, despicable father was mentioned in many of the former books of this series. This is a standalone novel with mention of many of the characters from the previous books about the Morgan family. You do not have to have read the other books to follow this story

This book is fast-paced, full of mystery, action and loving family. Read it to find out how Galen and Natalie escape their stalkers and reach their happily-ever-after.

I was delighted to receive this book as an ARC and freely give my honest review. I am looking forward to reading about the next Morgan brother and how he meets his true live.

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