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From the moment of my birth I've been rejected by those who should have loved me, labeled as a freak because of my birthmark, bullied and tormented because I look different. When you're told every day that you're ugly and worthless you start to believe it. I managed to escape my malicious family and build a life for myself, but they'd broken something inside of me. I'm afraid to go outside, afraid to be around large groups of people, afraid of any type of confrontation and my panic attacks have left me pretty much house bound. If it wasn't for my online friends I probably would have given up on life long ago. But there is one special friend, a man by the name of Mark, who keeps me going. He's brave, smart, strong, and kind…and has no idea that I'm secretly in love with him.


Once I was a good man with a perfect life. I had a job I loved training dogs for the police with my wife, had a great family who filled our lives with laughter, and I woke up every day with a smile on my face. I was completely content in my blissful ignorance. I had no idea about the criminal world that thrived all around me, no idea that I'd made some powerful enemies who do anything to destroy me. Including killing my wife. I swore my revenge, and got it, but in the process I lost my soul. It was during these dark times, after my vengeance was fulfilled and I was drifting in anguish, that a beautiful soul rescued me from my own personal hell. I tried to keep my distance, tried to shield her from the villains of the world, myself included, but the evil that surrounds me wouldn't be denied. Despite my best attempts to keep her safe, someone is out to destroy Layla, and I'm the only one who can protect her.

But who's going to save her from me?

Author's Note- Each book in the Cordova Empire series can be read as a stand alone, but for the most enjoyment I'd suggest reading them in order.

September 30
Ann Mayburn
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Owhey ,

Secret Obsession

Great continuation of the series. Book 3 of the Cordova Empire did not disappoint. Mark and Layla are Hot Hot Hot! Once you look into the past of the characters and journey with them into a new future you laugh with them an empathize with them. I do think you need to read the series in order to appreciate the full dynamics and even the growth of the reoccurring characters from the previous books and the current bonds created with them. So I wouldn’t label it a stand alone - but that’s because I love them all - Well done Ann!

Liz Andrews - Author ,

An Imperfect Hero

A perfect Hero may seem, well, perfect. But I much prefer an imperfect Hero, a man who has his issues but is all the more attractive in spite of his flaws. And Ann Mayburn gives us a heroine to match. One who isn't "fixed" overnight either. This story shows a great overview of how these characters grow and don't need to be perfect. They are great just how they are and they fit with each other, well, perfectly. If you've read Ms. Mayburn's Cordova Saga you've met Mark already, Leo's right hand man who has a tragic history. I've been looking forward to his story and I'm so happy he was able to find Layla. This is a woman who rises above her own tragic past to grow and find the love she deserves. I won't give away any plot lines, but I will say the villain isn't exactly a surprise. What is interesting is how Ms. Mayburn gets you there, with great character development and surprises where I wasn't expecting them. I am looking forward to the next book in this saga.

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