Secret Sensations Secret Sensations

Secret Sensations

10 Erotic Short Stories

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Publisher Description

<p>Secret Sensations is the first set of short erotica stories from author Shala Breece. Sexy Stories Collection Volume 10 follows ten tantalizing short stories of erotic temptation, romance and desire. Secret Sensation contains eight M/F stories of black erotica, and two F/M/M intense group sessions in the black erotica genre. This collection will take you on an erotic vacation as couples use island life and intimacy to work on relationships. In addition, Secret Sensations uses workplace erotica as well as rekindled romances.&nbsp;</p><p>This erotica short story collection contains explicit content and is suitable for readers 18 and over.</p><p>Island Sensations</p><p>Marcia and her husband Danny decide to take a trip to the beautiful island of Saint Lucia to celebrate their wedding anniversary. Their marriage had had its difficulties; Marcia knows that her husband is having an affair. Sitting at the pool crying, this gorgeous man emerges out of the water, interrupting her thoughts.</p><p>Ring of Thorns</p><p>Lilly is happily married with two beautiful children. However, she is devastated when her husband becomes unfaithful. Lilly is unsure whether she will be able to overcome Perry&rsquo;s betrayal, or if she should run to Carl who may have the answers to all her problems.</p><p>Her Secret Crush</p><p>Anna had always been chubby, and she had a very hard time in school growing up. When she goes off to college in New York and loses the weight, she is soon the eye candy of most of the men that stay in her small hometown. However, her secret childhood crush really captures her heart.</p><p>The Battle Within Him</p><p>When Chad takes up a new job, he knows the he got it because of his good looks. A beautiful young administrative assistant Monica, who seems to be different from the rest of the women, captures his attention. After a weekend of passion turns sour, Chad's connection with Monica is broken with the interference from his over bearing manager Ms. Jackson.</p><p>The Cougar Killer</p><p>Everyone had heard about her, she preyed upon young African American college boys in their early twenties. She would take them out, wine and dine with them, give them money, sleep with them, then kill them. When Mark Savy was assigned to the case he had no idea what he was up against.</p><p>Against the Code</p><p>Growing up in Beverly Hills has not been easy for the wealthy heiress Mona Chaplan. She is expected to live up to the high standards that her parents have imposed. When she meets and falls in love with a rugged looking taxi driver, she is forced to choose between the destinies that her parents had planned for her, or the love of her life.</p><p>Her Week in Heaven</p><p>Kandi and Marcus have the kind of love that will last forever and ever the only thing greater than their love is their passion for each other. A twist of fate forces Kandi to discover that nothing can kill their love for each other.</p><p>Secrets of an Exotic Dancer</p><p>Amy Johnson decided that she could get anything she wants, and she was not afraid to trade her body for it. She makes more money in one night than most people make in a week. After she gives a private session to handsome, mysterious guy, she is left wanting more.</p><p>Kelly Wild-Fire</p><p>Kelly Wildey aka Kelly Wild-fire was well known in her small hometown for her loud mouth and her partying. Ben, her boyfriend, tries to remain patient but he is growing weary of her constant drama and her infidelity. When Ben gets a promotion and has to move to Miami, he is forced to choose between Kelly and his dream job.</p><p>Home Invasion Sensations</p><p>When Lisa Spearman heard her husband come home, she went out to greet him as she normally always did. The scene that greeted her in return caused fear. How did this intruder get in, and why was he holding her and her husband at gunpoint?</p>

Fiction & Literature
April 17

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