Seductive Delights

10 Erotic Short Stories

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Publisher Description

<p>Seductive Delights is the second short story collection from erotica author Shala Breece. Featuring a mix of black and interracial erotica, this ten story collection features eight M/F pairings and two multi-partner stories. Watch as Olivia is saved by a handsome stranger in a back alley; discover how fun reconnecting with old college friends can be.

Three's Great Company
Chris, Samantha and Monica are three former college friends who have a chance to reconnect on New Years eve. The girls are the perfect foils for each other and seem to be as eager to hook up as Chris is. Together, the three of them discover that their private party is the best way to ring in the New Year.

Gangster's Delight
As Olivia made her way through the narrow alley behind the restaurant where she worked one night after work, she could not help but feel like she was being followed. It happened too fast for her to track. But lucky for Olivia, a good Samaritan is nearby to help.

A Sugar Daddy For Lisa
Betrayed by her deadbeat boyfriend, Lisa decides she is tired of dating unemployed, broke guys and wants to raise her standards. When a friend recommends a dating website that links wealthy, older men with young, attractive women, she is initially hesitant. That&rsquo;s where she meets James, a mature, attractive man who is looking for a young woman to spoil.

Her Love Spell
Sarah Hunter had her dream job, her dream car, and her dream house. The only thing missing was a man, not just any man. Sarah had her eye set on Brandon. Sarah was desperate and found herself seeking a solution online - purchasing a love spell called Simply Irresistible.

Good Cop, Naughty Slut
It had been a slow night for Officer Robert Givens when a call comes in from dispatch about a disturbance at a nearby club. He arrives to find Nancy, daughter of the city&rsquo;s no-nonsense prosecutor, stripping on the bar. Robert soon realizes that Nancy is the not the wholesome good girl he always thought she was.

Erotic Adventures Of The Team
When football player Mason scores the winning touchdown of a game all he can think about is a cocky promise made by one of the women, Jenna, before the game. When Mason gets to the afterparty, he gets more than he expected &ndash; Jenna and two of her friends ready to get down and dirty with the football team.

Seductively Dangerous
Kenny had always had a hidden crush on his longtime friend Mya, but her dangerous boyfriend Salvatore had always stood between them. When Salvatore is arrested, Kenny sees an opportunity to make his move. But when he arrives, Mya has a surprise for him.

Moon, Stars And His Big Black Stick
Patty&rsquo;s husband Leo hasn&rsquo;t been the most faithful man. When his cell phone blinks in the middle of the night, she knows it&rsquo;s a message from one of his mistresses. But things are turning around for Patty. She&rsquo;s got a new man in her life. For Patty, it&rsquo;s payback time.

Maestro Unleashed
Being a college professor is hard, especially when you&rsquo;re only a couple years older than most of your students. As a 26-year-old lecturer in a Spanish graduate school program, Raul tries to avert his eyes from most of his attractive female students. But his days of being in control may be at an end when Kathy from Jamaica, enters his class.

His Sensational Workouts
Peter is an attractive, African American man who finds himself spending more and more time alone after his girlfriend, Debbie, gets a promotion at work. He joins a gym, figuring it will keep him busy and out of trouble when Debbie is working. But trouble seems to follow him, as Peter finds himself fantasizing about his personal trainer, Jennifer.</p>

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April 21

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