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The world might have ended five years ago. For the second time. Had Caythis not raced to Andar City to stop the one man who could destroy everything. Antares. The man with the power of a god. The man whose fiery inferno reduced Andar to ashes. The man who’d already annihilated a fourth of the human race. Caythis fought him on the cliffs of Andar. Fought to save the world. They both vanished. Their bodies were never found.

The remnants of Antares’ revolution live on, like embers refusing to die. Tormenting an already broken world. One savaged by starvation, terrorism, vigilantism, and most of all fear. Fear of Antares’ return.

An unknown soldier finds himself pulled into the nexus of the turmoil. Factions vie for his allegiance, mixing truths with lies. His memories are clouded. His past a mystery. But the world remembers him as Caythis. And he must uncover the truth of his own disappearance if he is to restore order to the world. It is a twisted path of deception and betrayal. One that forces him to realize...

Sometimes the darkest truths are best kept secret.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
June 7
Richard L. Sanders
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

JFnola ,

Secrets of Siverwind

I truly enjoyed this story. Great characters and it moves along nicely.

Cfdguru ,

Great story!

Very engrossing and enjoyable story.

Cubbyrules ,


The story line is weak, character development shallow and the writing extremely sub-par. To say that the conversations between characters were awkward and chock full of cliches is being kind.

I got very little insight into the world/settings from the text and the author repeated sentiments needlessly, almost like he was writing a story for school which had a minimum word requirement that he couldn't meet. All of this caused me to remain unengaged and uninterested in the characters and plot.

In addition, the editing was terrible. There were way too many commas, increasing the awkwardness of the read.

The author may want to read some Abercrombie or Erikson to get a feeling for what good fantasy is like if he hasn't already.

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