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"Another fabulous story—a mystery to solve, danger and romance all wrapped together. If you're not already a fan of Barbara Freethy, this story is sure to make you one." – Susan D., Goodreads

When firefighter Hunter Callaway makes a grisly discovery during a scorching fire at the house of his former high school sweetheart, everything he thought he knew about his past is now in question. The girl he'd loved, the one who'd broken his heart when she'd run away with another guy, might not have been who he thought she was. 

The last thing Cassidy Ellison ever wanted to do was revisit her past. But she's suddenly a suspect in a terrible crime, and while she might be able to put off the police, there's no running away from Hunter Callaway—not again. The boy of her dreams is now a man—an impatient, angry, demanding man who wants answers, some of which she has vowed never to speak. 

Staying silent has kept her alive, but now her secrets might not only take her life, but also Hunter's. As determined as Hunter is to make her talk, someone else is just as determined to keep her quiet…

What the readers are saying…

"I read SECRETS WE KEEP in one sitting and could not put it down. This is my "comfort food" author where I know I will enjoy and savor the story, still wanting more. The pace was consistent throughout the book and the character development had many layers where you were feeling happy, sad, anxious and overall feelings of hope for yet another Callaway." Debbie

"Oh, I loved it so much. Another great read by Ms. Freethy! It has lots of romance, drama and laughs as well. SECRETS WE KEEP is another Great Callaway story. You must read this one." Mary

"Falling in love is risky business for a Callaway in SECRETS WE KEEP. Freethy exercises every sense to create unforgettable. From the mind to the heart, nothing is off limits." Isha 

"SECRETS WE KEEP was intense, suspenseful, and kept me on the edge of who was the guilty one from Cassidy's past. Lots of twists and turns, almost being driven off a cliff, kidnapped, and almost shot. Lots of action to keep you on the edge. Loved it!!" Karen

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Customer Reviews

Mpomper514 ,

Secrets We Keep

I've always been a huge fan of anything Barbara Freethy writes, and in particular I love anything to do with the Callaways. Love how there are always members of the Callaways in each of these books - makes you feel like they are real and you wished you were friends with all of them. Anyone who is a fan of second chance at love, will enjoy this as well. Hunter and Cassidy fell in love in High School. Hunter's heart was broken when Cassidy ran away with he thought another guy. Not knowing all the circumstances with Cassidy other than she was in foster care, he is heartbroken. Fast forward several years later, when Hunter is called to battle a fire at the very foster home that Cassidy had lived at. With the discovery of a body within the walls of the garage, a murder investigation is opened, and all foster children who lived there, particularly around the time Cassidy ran away, are questioned by police. Hunter and Cassidy work together to try to solve this mystery, and in the process discover that old feelings never die. Loved the mystery trying to figure out who killed Tommy (and who will do anything to try to stop them), and watching an old love story be revived.

cmatinale ,

Fabulous Book!

Back to the Callaway Family! What a fabulous book filled with drama, suspense, mystery and love! I was so happy to see Hunter and Cassidy get there HEA! I couldn’t put this book down until I got to the end! Barbara writes the best suspense, mystery, love stories!

Jen G F ,

Secrets We Keep

ARC for honest review with no compensation

Secrets We Keep is book 6 in the Callaway Cousins series but book 14 for the Callaways. Another well written, suspenseful, mystery, danger and romance all rolled into this book. While part of a series this book can be read as a standalone, but once you read any of theses books you will come back for more!!

Cassidy Ellison and Hunter Callaway were high school sweethearts until Cassidy ran ways with another boy from the foster home she was living in at the time. Now years later she is a suspect in a gruesome crime at the foster home and has to return to her past and Hunter.

Hunter Callaway makes a gruesome discovery when he and his crew are dispatched to a fire at the foster home of his high school sweetheart. Little does he know that finding the answers to Cassidy's past may be what brings them to a future together....

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