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After losing her older brother in a violent robbery, wedding gown designer Bianca Bradshaw refuses to date men with criminal ties. She's never been tempted to cross that line--until Sergei.

The Russian behemoth works as an enforcer for mob boss Nikolai Kalasnikov and fights as his champion in the underground bare-knuckle circuit. Sergei is absolutely the last complication she needs in her life--but he's the only man who makes her body ache with desire. 

And right now she needs his help. 

When he learns some creep is bothering Bianca, Sergei Sakharov vows to protect her at all costs. He's been trying to get close to the plus-sized beauty for months but she rejects him at every turn. He's determined to show her that he's worth more as a man than his criminal connections. 

But Sergei's loyalty to his family--both blood and criminal--put him at odds with the future he wants with Bianca. He has to choose--the woman he desperately loves or his loyalty to the man who saved his life. 

Because the darkness of the underworld he inhabits is about to spill into Bianca's life and the hardest choice may be the only one that allows him to protect her...

Fiction & Literature
November 12
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Night Works Books

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Reebeel ,

Bianca needs to chill for Sergie

I've read the entire Russian Protector series and there seems to be an underlying theme in them all that is so very annoying! Why in the world do the girlfriends act shocked when they think or know the heros have done something illegal? Especially Vivian I mean get real she's married to a boss ... I know this is not real and believe me I'm all for stretching the truth a bit because this is why I read these stories so I can get away from real life but that nonsense has to stop. Ms. Rivera your stories rock! But you have to get those ridiculous attitudes out of those heroines I mean they are strong enough to be with the heros stop making the heros feel bad for what they have to do... I can only hope Kostya's story is worthy of him as he is an enforcer and had to handle a lot of the dark side of the business ... Please make his heroine strong!!!

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