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Life has a funny way of pushing us beyond what is mentally possible.


I was born to parents who never cared if I had food or clothes. I was nothing. A waste of space and time to them.

At sixteen, they relocated…and didn’t bother to tell me.

I lived in my busted up and broken-down car behind a gym for months when two men found me.

One of them I believed was my savior, the love of my life. Turns out things aren’t always what they seem. He was the devil in disguise.

A few thousand bad decisions later, I find myself in the very same parking lot where I found the devil and the man who supported me through it all.

I’m Paige Turner. I’m a mess of a woman with nothing but hard times in my past and a future that’s completely uncertain.


I had a life once. I had a wife and a baby on the way. My life was everything I never knew I wanted.

I was halfway around the world, defending my country, serving the United States proudly, when I lost absolutely everything that mattered.

I couldn’t save them. I couldn’t even fight for them.

I went through the stages of grief and I’ve come out on the other side a different man.

Now, I fight.


There is something therapeutic about beating someone or even yourself. I can control the pain, unlike my life.

I’m Sergio Nichols. When my family was taken, I’ve somehow learned to function in a new dysfunctional family of their own making.

Two broken people with one chance at redemption.

July 30
Steamy Southern Publishing LLC
Cindy Suzanne Morris-Donaldson

Customer Reviews

aporter0522 ,

Another hit for SM Donaldson!!

Sergio’s Redemption is another hit for the Marco’s Boys series!! Sergio has had a tough past and lived through things no one would want to go through. Paige is an innocent girl who unfortunately experienced things no woman should ever have to go through. When the two of them meet, you can tell Paige is very timid. She eventually comes around and things heat up between the two of them. Her past comes back to haunt her but Sergio steps up to protect her. He is very alpha and sexy as sin! I throughly enjoyed their story. I am also happy that the other boys and their families make appearances!

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