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Chick Lit. Light Hearted Romance. When two young hearts experience their share of heartache, the last thing they want is to fall in love. Coming back home to take care of a parent with Alzheimer's is enough to make a man insane. Insane enough to fall for a woman that he can't take his mind off of. One that is only visiting his old hometown, that's just like Mayberry, to escape a past that hurt her. This relaxed laidback town can't slow the pace of their fast beating hearts.
I knew the drill and heard of it happening to others, but never did I think it would happen to my street smart brain. If this is where romance and love led you, in the ditch, on a county road to a Podunk town in the middle of rancher land, then I did not need love or romance anymore.
I watched his eyes travel my body again as he complimented me and I kept my eyes focused on his incredible blue eyes. I was afraid if I let them wander anywhere else I would get caught red handed. His eyes felt like warm sunshine sliding up and down my existence. Which was silly because I didn’t think he was really that attracted to me, just perhaps being a man of inquisition.
“I’m sorry. To hear about your dad that is. Mrs. Walker mentioned you were a high priced property lawyer that came home to take care of your dad.” I felt a bit awkward. Maybe he had his own dilemma to deal with like I had mine. Maybe that was the explanation for the cattiness last night. Although Cindy was sure to take the time and explain to me this morning why she thought it was. The thought that Colton Charpel might be attracted to me as I am to him held a dangerous tone.
I resettled myself to make it appear as if I was sleeping and set my head just so I can watch out of the corner of one eye. Each rippling muscle sent a tingling sensation through my body. Each tanned muscle moved in conjunction with the next. It was like a symphony of muscles and I really needed to get a grip. He was a man like any other and I was a woman that just needed to get on track, not sidetracked by bulging muscles and a cute behind on a roof.
I watched his eyes slowly graze the length of my body and then when our eyes met he took a step closer and pushed my hair behind my ear. He touched me as if he had the right.
The tears stung the backs of my eyelids as I looked at a man I fell in love with. I knew he was in pain and I wanted to help. However, when he flinched at the touch of my arm reaching out to him I felt anger build within me. "I'm not settling for the special, Colton. I am in this to make it work out. I know you've got your hands full. I can only imagine what you're dealing with. I want to help, I want to share your pain and make it all go away. If all you need from me is a warm bed and naked body at night, then I'm completely ok with that. I know it has to make you feel better." I knew it had made me feel better.

Fiction & Literature
May 10
CJ Hawk
Smashwords, Inc.

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New_momma ,

Heart warming

I loved how this book would make me forget about the hectics of my daily life. It made me wish I lived in a small town like that. The romance in it was perfect!

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