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Kevin’s in the hospital. Wade’s on the run. And Coach Davis is pissed.

It was bad enough when the Coach thought that his rival was Mr. Pendergrass, the English teacher. But Kevin? Scrawny, geeky, Kevin? Wade was holding out for him? 

Coach Davis is going to destroy Kevin. And then he’s gonna bring Wade’s ass back in line. Even if the golden boy jock can’t play football anymore, there are other ways that he can earn his keep. And Coach Davis still has all those videos… 

But the Coach had better be careful. Because clever little Kevin has finally got something worth fighting for. And this time, he’s not fighting alone.

Wade, Danny, Brody, Logan. They’re all gonna have to pick sides. Decide what they’re willing to sacrifice. And what kind of men they’re gonna be.

Hell, even Katrina and Brittany are discovering that they have something in common. And if fat girls and cheerleaders can team up, then anything is possible.

It’s all come down to this, the final fight— for all of them.

And the loser is going down.


Fiction & Literature
October 9
Pyaramid Press
Keith Hartman

Customer Reviews

Stephanief74 ,

Little man wins

These short stories are basically David and Goliath. Ultimately the little man comes out on top and changes small town bigot thinking in the process.

MaxLeopold ,

Number #12 can’t be the last - or needs at least a spin-off

Simply because there are still so many Questions unanswered.

Will little Cody find a Muscular Boyfriend?
Or one of those Gymnast built Male Cheerleaders?
Or will Kevin allow some kinky Gameplay between Wade + Cody ?

Will Danny finally get together with Logan, exploring either Friends with Benefits or becoming actually Boyfriends to each other?!

Do some of the other Football Team Mates Start having fun with each other?!

Is Wade’s Father coming around, when he is at College or when they win the Championship?

Still plenty of open Questions, that seriously need to get answered...

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