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Things are getting complicated for the golden boy jock…

Up until last week, everything in life had come easily for the highs school quarterback-- football, girls, friends. So what if he was a little rough on Kevin, the gay guy in his class? Isn’t every jock supposed to pick on “queers”?

Now Wade is learning his lesson the hard way. Ever since Kevin got his hands on that video, Wade has been at Kevin’s mercy... and at his service. Wade has had to do things that he swore he never would. But the worst part is that he’s starting to like it. Wade’s gotten a taste for something that he can’t get from this cheerleader girlfriend.

But that may be the least of the straight stud’s problems. Because Kevin’s not the only one who’s found leverage on Wade.

And if Wade thought his coach was hard on him before, he has no idea what’s coming.

•First time gay BDSM high school jock slave teen MM sex story erotica•

Fiction & Literature
April 4
Pyramid Press
Keith Hartman

Customer Reviews

vegand ,

Lovin’ this sexy serial

The power dynamics between the three main characters makes this feel like some sort of sexual thriller - very nice!

How can we have a spinoff story with Danny with the coach and/or some other guys. Can be teammates, could be classmates or even teachers.

Love how coach goes after wade yet gets surprised by short stud Danny along the way. Wonderful twist!

Super curious how these hidden layers of Wade get revealed.

Bertke ,

Crazy fun

For those of us who recall life on the outside while the jocks ran the high school, this was a fun read of wish fulfillment. The tables are turned and all bets are off.

I had one jock visit my house in high school and offered cash to do his homework, and I've often looked back wondering what would have happened if I'd asked for other payment!

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