Sexual Detox Sexual Detox

Sexual Detox

A Guide for Guys Who Are Sick of Porn

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Sick of porn? Time to detox. 

A huge percentage of men need a porn detox, a moral and psychological reset. Do you?

If so, whether you know it or not, pornography has corrupted your thinking, weakened your conscience, warped your sense of right and wrong, and twisted your understanding and expectations of sexuality. You need a reset by the One who created sex. 

In this book, I hope to help you reorient your understanding of sex, both in the big picture and in the act itself, according to God’s plan for this great gift. I want to help you detox from all the junk you’ve seen, all the lies you’ve believed.   This is not an easy process. It is rarely a quick process. It involves a letting go of old realities and an embrace of a new normal. To be willing to go through it you need to see how bad your current situation really is, and how the path you are on leads no place good. You need to see that the path of porn leads only to more isolation, guilt, alienation, and pain. Whether single or married, such a reset to normal is the only thing that can ever equip you to become a pure, loving, attentive, sacrificial husband.  

But you already know you need to change. Few Christian men indulge in porn without realizing they need to quit. Every Christian guy who looks at porn wants to stop, but many of us want to stop just a little bit less than we want to keep going. The problem isn’t knowledge. It’s desire and ability. So sin prevails.  

Here’s a promise. You’ll never stop until you begin to see the monstrous nature of the sin you’re committing. You’ll never stop until the sin is more horrifying to you than the commission of the sin is enjoyable. You’ll need to hate that sin before you can find freedom from it. That means you need more grace. You need to cry out to be changed and to see the monstrous nature of this sin. And then you need to behave in faith that God will meet you with grace as you act to cut off the porn and begin the reset. 

—Tim Challies

Religion & Spirituality
October 1
Cruciform Press
Ingram DV LLC

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Not What You Need

Overall, this book misses the mark and isn’t likely to be much help in equipping you to kick your porn habit. I still give it two stars because I really like the author and I appreciate some of the content.

Challies does a good job explaining why the viewing of pornographic material is sinful. He also beautifully outlines what biblical sexuality looks like in a healthy marriage.

But you can’t shame someone into quitting an addictive habit. In fact, shame only pushes addicts deeper into their habits.

Addicts are already using regularly to get temporary relief from their ongoing withdrawal symptoms which are caused by their addictions. Guilt makes addicts more miserable which increases their need for a dopamine high and perpetuates a vicious cycle. Add to this the daunting task of exerting constant willpower to keep away from porn and it’s not hard to understand why some people keep coming back for fix after fix.

Furthermore, addicts believe that their guilty pleasure provides them with something precious they need and can’t live without. They feel there’s too much to lose in quitting and they can’t imagine facing a future being constantly deprived of something that has become so vital to their getting by day to day.

Change won’t come until users accept the fact that they’re addicts and their addictions don’t actually provide them with any real pleasure. It’s easy to walk away for good when this is realized. When users understand that their desires are just illusions caused by dopamine rushes and crashes in the brain, they realize that there’s nothing for them to fear giving up. When the fear is gone, it’s easy to quit and no willpower is needed. It’s not much different from when children come to the realization that there really aren’t monsters hiding underneath their beds.

If you’re ready to stop for good, search “Easy Peasy Method PDF” to view a completely free ebook that tells you everything you need to know to escape from the trap of pornography. It’s not a religious approach, but it works and you’ll thank God you found it! 🙏🏼

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