Sexy Pleasures

12 Erotic Short Stories

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Publisher Description

<p>Sexy Pleasures is the first short story collection from author Portis Newman. The collection features twelve delightfully dirty tales involving erotic temptation, romance and desire.There is a wide variety to choose from, containing seven M/F couples&rsquo; stories, two lesbian stories and three stories with multiple partners. Follow stories of erotic obsession, teasing spouses and unexpected encounters.

Working Overtime

28-year-old Yvette Pena has been at odds with herself since starting her new job. The feelings she has for her boss has gone much further than a simple crush; it has become an obsession. What can she do in the face of such lusty temptation?

Moving In

At her new job, Amber&rsquo;s first assignment is to find a romance manuscript to publish. Pickings are slim, though, and the only one that&rsquo;s even decent is a lesbian love story that makes Amber more than a little uncomfortable. Things get interesting when Amber finds a visitor in bed with the manuscript.

The Anniversary Gift

When Sheila went to the lingerie store looking for something sexy to wear for her husband on their anniversary, she got a little more than she bargained for. Sheila discovers that the best gift is something you would want to receive yourself.

Who Needs The Quarterback?

Mark is everything a girl could want &ndash;he is the object of many fantasies, including those of Jennifer Brighton, cheerleader extraordinaire. When Jennifer gets a few minutes alone in the locker room one day after practice, she lets her fantasies get the better of her in the shower.

Sexy Spanish

Maria Contreras is a bright, successful college student working toward her Master&rsquo;s degree.In a moment of weakness, Maria loses herself in a brief fantasy while tutoring Jason, a regular student of hers.

Doing The Roomie

Evelyn couldn't sleep and decided to watch some television. As she walks down the hall, she hears some suspicious moans. When she went into the den, she discovered a new side to her roommate Carina. Not only is Carina alone, she&rsquo;s having fun while watching porn.

A Sweet Surprise

When Linda Branstrom comes home early one day, she discovers that her keys no longer work in the locks. She follows a trail of not-so-subtle notes from Parker, leading her on a romantic treasure hunt deeper into the house.

Sexy Massage

Rosie works hard as a project manager, but lately the stress of her job is wearing her down.Thinking a relaxing massage could be just what she needs, her husband gets her a gift certificate and sends her to Mrs. Luy&rsquo;s day spa.

Customer Service

Belinda Carmichael has worked the same 9-to-5 bank teller job for over three years. There&rsquo;s one customer Belinda always looks forward to seeing &ndash; rich businessman Chance Laggo. When he comes in on a particularly bad day at the bank, Belinda finally decides to make her move on him.

Smoking The Bear

Rose Schilling is a prissy, well-to-do young woman who may be in over her head when she goes camping in the mountains with some college friends. Her only solace on the trip is Ranger Jones. Rose sets her sights on him and decides that, mountains or not, she&rsquo;s going to bed him.

A Is For Aide

Mindy has managed to snag the much-desired position of aide to Professor Todd Grant. She and the professor have more than just work in common &ndash; they are both deeply unsatisfied with their sex lives.

Sextual Pleasure

After a hard day at work, all Martha wants to do is come home and relax in a hot tub of water. Her coworker Steve sends her an intriguing text full of naughty potential. Steve educates her completely on the term &ldquo;sexting.&rdquo;</p>

Fiction & Literature
April 20

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