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After losing Claire to the Twin Soul bond, Uriah intends to seek out the Matwau and let the monster have exactly what he wants…Uriah’s death.

Only the words of the shaman, who has already betrayed him more than once, stops him.

Her promise that there is still a chance of saving Claire from the bond and keeping her love for Uriah whole sends him on a new hunt to find a shaxoa witch who is rumored to have more power and knowledge than anyone has seen in centuries.

No matter the price, Uriah promises to find the Shaxoa and rescue Claire from a fate she doesn’t want.

Claire promises to hold off the cruel desires of the Twin Soul bond until he returns.

Keeping their promises may require more of them than they ever could have imagined.

As Uriah searches for a way to break the bond and Claire’s desperation to resist the bond intensifies, both learn truths about themselves that will change everything.

Young Adult
September 11
DelSheree Gladden
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Smilie!> ,

I<3 this book

I disagree that this book is not a children's book if any one has read before I fall I think that they will agree that this book has way less profanity. Before I fall starts about not being a vergin win you die and it is a very foyer reoccurring topic. O and this book is amazing you can feel their pain and it is an unusual topic I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!! VERY VERY GOOG READ!!!!

Skittles4178 ,


It was really good. I couldn't put the book down but I hate paying for the other books because I have no money & I really want to read the books but im sure they are excellent.!!!

Cc123456789@9 ,


The 1st book I just couldn't put down now I can't wait to read the 2nd one. :)

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