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Hidden Charm

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Mystery writer JT has hidden away from the world on his private island since he published his first novel. Many fans believe it’s because he’s strange or eccentric, but the truth is much darker than everyone knows.

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Emotionally thrilling, sweetly sexy, action packed, intriguing romantic journey that is the perfect blend of mystery, passion and suspense.

This book had me hooked from the beginning. Once you start you can't put it down. Jt and Emma's story is one of love and compassion.

A Silver Cove Christmas

Having lost the man she loved early on, Crystal vowed to live freely for the rest of her life. But, after her business is threatened due to theft, she hires a private financial investigator to plug the leak. Falling for the tall, dark, and very serious stranger was certain, what she hadn’t expected was for it to be true love.

Rory has lived a life of the straight and narrow, he’s always been an eye on the prize, kind of guy. The prize? Retirement in the tropics where doesn’t have to worry or work. Sure, he was prepared to take some hits to achieve the goal, mainly his health, relationships, and his state of mind. Now this new-age hippy woman wants him to relax. But, he’s got a job to do, if his heart doesn’t betray him first.

Sweet Surrender

Bella Rothschild has finally done it. She’s hit the big time. Being a music star has been all she’s ever wanted, but with her new fame and second album release comes lack of privacy. Along with a few scary credible threats, she deciding to hide away in the safety of the small town of Silver Cove until things blow over. The last thing she’d expected was to fall for the hired help.

Calvin has worked hard his entire life to get where he is. As the new manager of the Haven Resorts, he’s built up his reputation as a man of his word. So, when he promises the sexy starlet the privacy and protection of the resort, he’ll make sure she gets it. Even if it means guarding the pretty brunette himself.

February 17
Grayton Press
Idealist LLC

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