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There are at least fourteen reasons why we shouldn't be together. 

A chance meeting and long-term friendship lead Jillian Caldwell and Richard Sisk into a love story that should never be.

Their love affair is an erotic passionate meld of lust and understanding—It's also cliche.

But age is irrelevant when love enters the heart.

February 5
Dream Reads LLC
Draft2Digital, LLC

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Mom's Cooking The Books ,

Older Man/Younger Woman! Friends to Lovers!

This is the first time I have read this author and it won’t be my last. I enjoy the older man/younger woman trope and this slow burn romance didn’t disappoint.

Richard Sisk is 40 and a successful architect and is ending his 20-year loveless marriage. He’s signed the papers and is waiting for the judge to sign off to finalize. His ex-wife was a real piece of work! They tried to make the marriage work for the sake of their now college age daughter, but there was nothing to salvage. He goes out to a club for a drink after the disastrous divorce paper signing. He is being hit on by a much older woman and Jill comes to his rescue. She knows who he is, but he can’t remember where he knows her from.

Jill is 26 and works for an art gallery and loves her job. She has few friends because she has spent the last eight years raising her younger brother when their mom died. Their father had passed away earlier. Jill was days away from turning 18 when she became, mom, dad and sister to her brother. She gave up a lot so her brother would have the love, attention and things that he needed and she doesn’t regret a bit of it. It is tough for her to let go. Her brother is ready to head for college and he gives her the reality talk that she needs to start living her life and let him go. Jill had made plans to go to a club with a friend that ended up not going last minute so her brother said he would go with her only to just drop her off and be her DD. She was taken aback but she was there and went in. Then she sees the man she crushed on when she was 17. He was looking uncomfortable being hit on by an older woman, so she came to his rescue. She thought he was a silver fox and even more handsome then she remembers. They danced and had a great evening that ended too soon. Thus, began the friendship and slow burn romance of Richard and Jill.

What began as a friendship, lust simmered beneath the surface and you could feel the tension building. Richard wanted Jill, but he felt like such a failure in his relationship and he felt that the 14-year age gap was too much. Jill felt the age gap didn’t matter. She wanted to get to know him and the more she learned the more she wanted him. The chemistry between these two is HOT! There are some misunderstandings and definite heartbreaking moments that take months to repair, but oh the journey! The secondary characters are a great supporting cast.

If you like friends to lovers, older man/younger woman romance, then give this slow burner a read!

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