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An idealistic woman.

A naïve man.

A life-shattering mistake.

Juliana is relentless, driven, focused. An archaeologist, she’s clawed her way to the top of the heap. It’s a lonely heap, but the only man she ever loved proved men aren’t worthy of her time.

Discarded by the woman of his dreams midway through college, Brice never offered his heart again. A world-recognized expert on lung diseases, he has his work. Usually it’s enough.

It’s almost Christmas, and Juliana is called home from a dig to see her dying twin one last time. She and Brice are thrown together after a fifteen-year hiatus. She tells herself nothing’s changed, but her heart sings a different song. If she listens to it, there’s only one true love.

October 7
Ann Gimpel Books, LLC
Ann Gimpel Books, LLC

Customer Reviews

Lisa Bateman ,

An extra special touch to romance

I’m not usually into contemporary romance but Ann Gimpel knocked it out of the park with this one. It’s my favorite book of hers. There’s so much packed in the story. There’s the suspense of the sister, Sarah, being so sick and wondering if she will live or not. We also have the main characters who broke up fifteen years earlier over Brice sleeping with the twin sister while drunk and mistaking her for Julianna. Now that Julie is home visiting her sister in the hospital, she has no choice but to see Brice because he is Sarah’s doctor. Interspersed are a few patients in a wreck Brice witnesses and helps then a colleague who shows up from Paris that is in love with Sarah. All their lives intertwine. The author did such a beautiful job bringing it all together. I wish I could do it justice trying to tell about it. There was never a dull moment. I liked the suspense of the archeological dig Julie was on where another guy tries to steal her find. When a student stands up for Julie, she goes missing. I could feel the helplessness Julie and also the husband of the girl felt. Was she still alive in this foreign country where everything is so remote? Julie’s dad is retired from the marines and did a lot of intelligence work. She turns to him for help. I can’t stress enough how great this book is. Especially for a Christmas read as it takes place during the days leading up to and over the holidays.

Axouri ,

Since we fell

Such a great read! Love all of Ann’s books!

My2boysluv2play ,

A sweet second chance romance with danger added to make it even more compelling

Since We Fell is a sweet second chance romance filled with danger, determination, growth and forgiveness. Juliana and Brice had known each other since they were kids and had been sweethearts until a mistake tears them apart. Years later, they are brought back together as Juliana‘s twin sister is facing death. There is definitely angst to the story and coming to grips with past choices; facing hard truths and choosing to look forward and find happiness and balance. As Ann Gimpel is so good at doing, she adds to the romantic aspect of the story danger in the form of an unscrupulous archaeologist and coworker of Juliana. It delves into not only theft but also human trafficking and how people can put aside their differences to save others. This added a whole different level to the story and made it that much more compelling for me. Once I started reading I didn’t want to put the book down! This story is different from many of the stories I’ve read by Ann Gimpel (usually paranormal), but definitely enjoyed it. I look forward to reading more by this author.

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