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Chloe could have had the perfect childbirth…

If only the baby hadn’t come two weeks early

If only Jason wasn’t working overtime to save his new television series

If only the television crew wouldn’t antagonize the archaeologists working next to the set

If only the archaeologists hadn’t found that dead body

If only the main suspect wasn’t the beloved boyfriend of sweet Lizzie Warner, a girl who deserves to have it all…

Chloe’s first week of motherhood isn’t going at all how she hoped, so she is determined to solve the murder, no matter what it takes. Perhaps then the second week can be magical.

Mysteries & Thrillers
June 25
E.M. Tippetts
WorkHorse Productions, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Chilis67 ,

Worth a Second Read

Sleepless Beauty hits all the right notes of Chloe and Jason.

Chloe's in labor, and Jason has a pilot to shoot along with an unexpected crime scene next to his on location set. With a possible murderer in their midst and a new baby to protect, Chloe can't rest until she uses all of her abilities to solve the crime.

I have enjoyed Chloe and Jason since the very first book, and this next installment doesn't disappoint. I'm so glad that Tippetts doesn't have these two in constant martial strife. They are just living the weird life of a movie star/criminologist couple.

I received an early copy of this book for an honest review, but also bought a copy and read it again.

vtHAD ,

Better and better

I love this series. The main character hasn’t gotten old or annoying to read about, or the other main characters. Everyone is well rounded and developed and allowed to grow and change in personality that is believable and not pushed.
I was sad to see the hubby pushed into a predictable and limited (it feels that way, and I’ve reread the series a few times and still feel that way) roll, almost in a background fashion. Otherwise, love how the series is evolving and becoming and look forward to the next installment.
I will admit, I have not read the 2 spin off books on Kyra and Lizzie, I find Kyra irritating and Lizzie to ....young/insecure. What was already shown in Chloe’s books about the 2 left no interest to want to know more. I’m sure the books are well written etc...I just don’t care to know more about them.
So, when is the next book coming out??? Lol

Rasuva ,

Everything I was hoping for and more!

I have been waiting for this book since I finished the last one. One of the things I really enjoy is reading the italicized parts of the book after I finish the main part of the book, it’s like getting an extra book in addition to the main book. The story plot was interesting and well written and gave me some interesting insight into some of the feelings that new mothers have, especially since I am not a mother, that I wouldn’t have thought about—like feeling lopsided. My only issues with the book was that I missed some of the characters, like Jason’s Dad and Lori, and her fellow crims, I was hoping she’d call for some advice, or even to show off the baby, but when I realized the whole book was only covering about four days I get why it didn’t have more people involved. I like how the story ended with all this potential into where Chloe Vanderholt will go next. I can’t wait for the next book!! Side note, Bethany was my best friend’s name, she passed seven years ago but it’s what I’m planning on naming my daughter if I ever have one.

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