So Long Separation Anxiety

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Have you ever been taken hostage? Masses of kind and caring dog owners are living out each day in a horrific real life hostage situation because their pet suffers with terrible Separation Anxiety! When our loved ones suffer (be they man or beast) we inevitably suffer too. When our dogs are anxious we, in turn, can eventually become anxious too. From the author of Dog Myths: What you Believe about dogs can come back to Bite You!, comes his next illuminating book, So Long Separation Anxiety!

Treating separation anxiety in dogs used to be a difficult path to navigate for both industry professional and lay person alike but that, Friends, is about to change! Some dog trainers and behaviorists would suggest food treats be given in order to occupy the anxious dog's mind while the owner is away. Many vets would suggest simply drugging your anxious dog. Why is it that we seldom if ever hear of a calming, natural, spatial solution for successfully treating separation anxiety? Why don't we hear more about the spatial movements that all dogs employ when speaking their own specific canine language? Why is separation anxiety prevalent in households across the globe today if the majority of vets' and dog trainers' methods are truly sound? Could it be possible that we need to reevaluate our method of treatment for separation anxiety? Shouldn't we take a closer look at dog language and at canine energy levels in order to find the answers and solutions that so many desperately seek? Shouldn't you and your dog be able to live anxiety free? Are you sick of being a hostage to your dog's separation anxiety? If you answered those last questions with a resounding, "YES!" then this book is for You!

From destructive chewing to whining and barking, from nervous drooling to anxious urination or defecation, separation anxiety is a major problem for many a dog owner! Garrett Stevens' book, So Long Separation Anxiety, is here to help you and your dog find relaxation and balance through a better relationship and proper spatial maneuvering! This highly-beneficial book has real world techniques and methods that anyone can put to use! Step-by-step we examine how dog's interact and move with us, how separation anxiety subtly takes root, and how we can begin to smoothly reverse it. This book is chock full of real life, practical, hands-on, calming solutions! And the best will NOT need a bunch of treats or peanut butter, you will NOT need harsh or severe handling, and you will NOT need to repeatedly fill a prescription in order to drug your furry family member!

The successful treatment of separation anxiety in our dogs is possible if we can simply learn from the dogs themselves. Let's begin making our future better today!

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December 17
Garrett Stevens
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Customer Reviews

Joanne Bishop ,

So Long Separation Anxiety!

Very well written. I didn’t think my dog had separation anxiety until I read this book. She crates without any problems. I now realize she has been claiming my space and totally had me fooled. I will now start with using Garrett’s advise on “throwing her a few curveballs”.

Thank you Garrett. This book is just what I need.

Mallibaby ,

Short but very effective

A quick read filled w effective, step by step strategies. Extremely practical and hands on. Highly recommend for anyone w a puppy looking to prevent separation anxiety and/or an older dog that already suffers from it.

George Hen ,

A great book!

Doing things the dogs’ way has never been easier! This spatial approach to dog separation anxiety works! Say No to drugs and Yes to So Long Separation Anxiety!

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