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**2012 Cover Edition**

The Shades of Gray series follows the adventures of Kat and Kim. Start by reading the first book of this serial series and be introduced to this world of danger and mystery. When you are done also TRY the next story.

Noir was a mega-city plagued by a sun blocking mass called Dry Clouds that had mysteriously appeared three decades earlier. The Dry Clouds covered half the planet and forced those living under them to exist in endless night. On this world, corporations were in charge and breaking your contract with them could mean the termination of your life.

Kimberly Griffin, a Life Closer (legal assassin) existed in a world of death. She Closed people for a living. It was a lonely demeaning existence, though she wouldn't admit it. There was nothing to drive her in the bleak reality until one day she ran into Kat.

Kat, also known as the Pandora Project, was hunted by bio-mechas called Un-Men. She was an experiment of the Sphinx Corporation, and they were testing her to see if she could be the ultimate weapon. Kat refused to be a killer and tried to discover the truth behind her existence. Could she be a new form of bio-mecha?

Kim discovered someone close to her had been murdered. Is Kat the key to finding out who did it? Or will her association with Kat only cause her more grief?

Pandora of ancient times opened a box and let all good escape. Would Pandora be the hope the planet needed? Or would she destroy the world?

**Shades of Gray Series**
1. Noir, City Shrouded By Darkness
2. From Moscow, With Love
3. Cerberus Versus Pandora
4. Sisters

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
March 29
Kristie Lynn
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

TheFrood ,

A good beginning

The author has an engaging and entertaining story to tell but needs to develop her writing style more fully. Characterization has a strong beginning but in this reader's opinion the author's excessive use of internal dialogue makes some of the actual dialogue difficult to follow. I would also suggest the author learn a little bit more about firearms, various weapon's different types of ammunition, and how they function since firearms are such an important tool for many of the characters in the book.

Give me a real deck ,

Interesting premise but

Don't bother, you will want to find out what happens, but I ended up skimming through half of each book just to get past the repetitive b.s. of presenting the story from each character's point of view, and recapping the action when jumping from one group of characters to another. A good editor would have cut this series down to half or maybe even a third or less.
Wish I had given up on it earlier and saved my money.

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