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SPACECAKE chronicles the misadventures of a debauched and dangerous masochist as he tantrums his way through the sleazy worlds of Rock & Roll, music video and technology, each squalid escapade dragging him ever deeper into a repugnant maelstrom of sordid excess...well sort of. A wee bit. Actually...not remotely. 

It’s all about the work really.

If you don’t recognize the name, Kevin Godley was a founder member of ground breaking UK band 10cc. (Their single, 'I'm Not In Love' continues to be one of the best selling records of all time). As one half of Godley & Creme he went on to pioneer the notion of music video as an art form and was responsible for iconic clips by artists such as Herbie Hancock, The Police, Duran Duran, Lou Reed & Frankie Goes to Hollywood etc, continuing to up his game in solo mode with U2, Frank Sinatra, Paul McCartney, The Beatles & Blur amongst others. KG thrives on re-inventing himself and SPACECAKE, his first book, takes you on an interactive tour of his life via pictures, music, film clips and 27 chapters of abstract insight into how everything from the first hits to WholeWorldBand, his music/video collaboration app, got made. It’s dark in some of the corners make sure you bring a torch.

Biographies & Memoirs
March 16
Hand Held Company Ltd
Handheld Co Ltd

Customer Reviews

GC10cc ,

Great book!

For the Godley and cream / 10cc fan, or anyone interested in recording filming storyboarding collaborating drawing
and innovative thinking.. this is the book for you. It is such a great insight to his brain he’s so honest and forthcoming about his life and art. I savored every chapter. It’s amazing all the connections and collaborations that he was involved with, and obviously people really wanted to work with him. Enjoy

Terribletee56 ,

Well, the first half is great.

Full disclosure, I'm not a music video fan, and the second half of the book is all about Kevin's adventures in that realm. If you're into it, you'll like that.

I greatly enjoyed 10CC's and Godley & Creme's music, and I wish Kevin would have been as detail oriented in describing the making of that music as he was with his videos.

Still, Kevin is a wickedly talented, smart, and funny dude, and his writing reflects that. It's an enjoyable read for anyone who appreciates quality contemporary artistry.

Hoji45 ,

Space Cake

What a fantastic read. Kevin’s writing is as witty and fabulously enjoyable as all his other creative endeavors.

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