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Spinner: People and Culture in Southeastern Massachusetts, Volume II

Spinner Publications’ cultural anthology series, continues with Spinner: People and Culture in Southeastern Massachusetts, Volume II, records the history and culture of the cities and towns of Southeastern Massachusetts. Published in 1982 and written largely by citizen historians and students, Spinner II is the second of five volumes that uses mostly oral history, particularly from older citizens, to tell the history of the region. Through personal accounts, photographic collections, journals and diaries, Spinner books tell the story of the individual, the neighborhood, the city and the land; stories of families and their work.

Portraits from the Puerto Rican Community:
Oral histories and portraits of New Bedford’s Puerto Rican community.

New Found Land:
Daily life in Newfoundland in the early 1900’s by an immigrant to New Bedford.

Irish Immigrant’s Heartsong:
Poem by Maggi Kerr Peirce.

Cape Verde: Portrait of an Archipelago:
The Cape Verde Islands in the 1980’s by Photographer Ronald Barboza.

Lewis Hine’s Children:
A founder of American photography 
on child labor in Fall River.

Growing Up in the Mills:
Former young laborers
 remember the Fall River mills.

Photographs of doorways in 
Fall River and New Bedford.

Wapanucket: Place of the Winds:
Wampanoag Indian life 9000 years ago, reconstructed by archeologists.

A Retelling of Certain Facts Surrounding King Philip’s War:
Poem on the war between the 
Wampanoags and English settlers in 1675.

With the Arctic Whaling Fleet:
Herbert Aldrich, former editor of the New Bedford Evening Standard, recorded an Arctic whaling voyage in 1880 and life among the Massinker and Nakooruk Eskimos.

On Stage in New Bedford:
A French Canadian-Acadian describes 
home-grown entertainment, circa 1930.

Acadians: The People on the Shore:
The British dispersion of French Acadians from Canada to U.S. mill towns.

Aerial Graphics:
Aerial photographs of 
Southeastern Massachusetts.

Lizzie Cold, Lizzie Hot, Lizzie Warmed Over
Professional historians discuss 
the Lizzie Borden case.

The Price of Maplecroft:
A fictional recreation of 
Lizzie Borden’s point of view.

Twentieth-Century Whaling Tales:
Oral histories from Portuguese 
and Cape Verdean whalers.

The New Bedford Textile Strike of ‘28:
A history of the strike and oral 
histories from nine strikers.

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