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Spinner: People and Culture in Southeastern Massachusetts, Volume III

Spinner Publications’ cultural anthology series, continues with Spinner: People and Culture in Southeastern Massachusetts, Volume III, records the history and culture of the cities and towns of Southeastern Massachusetts. Published in 1984 and written largely by citizen historians and students, Spinner III is the third of five volumes that uses mostly oral history, particularly from older citizens, to tell the history of the region. Through personal accounts, photographic collections, journals and diaries, Spinner books tell the story of the individual, the neighborhood, the city and the land; stories of families and their work.

Introduction: An overview by historian Sam Bass Warner

Lewis Hine: Portrait of Two Cities:
This photographic essay features people, neighborhoods and the textile industry in Fall River and New Bedford, 1911-1916

Since 1669: The Gidley Farm of Dartmouth:
Nine generations of one family’s life on the farm.

Two Women: Stories of Portuguese Immigrants:
Cultural transition and tradition explored by Portuguese-Americans.

Yankee Original: Molly Nye Tobey’s Ninety Years of Art:
The first woman graduate of Southeastern Massachusetts University achieves national recognition.

Mrs. Brigham’s Fall River:
Recollections of life in the Highlands and Fall River’s leading entrepreneurs.

Lewis Hine on the Cranberry Bogs:

Working the Cranberry Bogs: Cape Verdeans in Southeastern Massachusetts:
Oral histories from Cape Verdean workers who helped develop Massachusetts’ leading agricultural industry.

A Perspective on Cape Verdean Crioulo:
An anthropological look at the Cape Verdean language.

Pioneers of the Banks:
New Bedford and Fairhaven fishermen recall the early growth of the industry.

The Exiles of Penikese Island: Politics, Prejudice and the Public Health:
Stories of people with Hansen’s Disease exiled to one of the Elizabeth Islands.

Memoirs of Nantucket:
The journal of Quakeress Deborah Coffin Hussey Adams abstracted by Emil Guba.

Ice Cream Parlor:
A delicious way of life in New Bedford for over a century.

Robert Howard, Labor Leader:
A Fall River mule spinner assumes leadership in the local and national trade union movement.

Fall River Overview:
Historian Phil Silvia puts matters into perspective.

“Up the Flint”:
Neighborhood and community in an old Fall River village.

Immigrant Parish:
20th century changes in Fall River’s Catholic parish life.

Bowlawicket, Peggy and Peggyball:
Surviving street games in Fall River.

French New Bedford, Part One:
The evolution of Franco-American culture in New Bedford.

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