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Courageous space explorers embark on a mission to make contact with alien races light years away, while the Earth they leave behind ages twelve hundred centuries

It’s the most exciting discovery since humankind first began watching the skies: SETI scientists detect starship “trails” in a galaxy many light years from Earth, and at long last the dream of human-to-alien contact is attainable. But the courageous crew of starfarers assembled to take on the monumental endeavor must sacrifice the only lives they’ve ever known and the people they love; the Earth will have aged many thousands of years when—and if—they are finally able to return. Still, their hunger for knowledge of the universe and the extraterrestrial races that inhabit it is too great to deny, and the Envoy rockets off into the vast unknown. It’s a perilous mission that will profoundly change everyone it touches—even as the passing millennia transform the Earth in ways no one could ever have imagined.
Of all the science fiction extrapolators to emerge in the twentieth century, none were more visionary and few as prolific as the great Poul Anderson. Starfarers, his ingeniously imagined space exploration adventure, still stands tall among the most intelligent, enthralling, and unforgettable science fiction novels ever written.
This ebook includes the bonus stories “Ghetto” and “The Horn of Time the Hunter.”

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 24
Open Road Media
OpenRoad Integrated Media, LLC

Customer Reviews

Ecurb513 ,


Long, overly long. Wanders. Wordy.
Unless you have the time, I would not read it.

wlinder ,

I *wanted* to like it . . .

I've liked Poul Anderson in the past, so gave it a try. It started well, I guess, but I finished it more out of duty than anything. As others have said it was overly long and a bit tedious.

Abbrown ,

Entertaining but too long

I like the authors style but felt the book was too long and introduced many additional characters (to illustrate an important narrative point) leading to reader confusion.

Also the first bonus work is a almost but not quite cut n paste from one chapter of the main book, which I found confusing given the end of the main book is not 'conclusive' so I read into the bonus without realizing it was not part of the main book. (Didn't I read this already?)

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