#7 - The Men of Marionville

Station to Station

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Scott Thomas is tagged to oversee the new commuter rail line from Easton to Marionville, a high profile project that demands expertise. His love of trains makes him a natural for the job. When a friend invites him on a Mystery Train Dinner Adventure, Scott's onboard for an evening of fun. He gets more than he ever dreamed about when he meets his ideal tall, dark haired stranger on the adventure.

Dakota Reece views the new commuter rail as the opening he's needed for him and his brother to build their own firm and future. Planning a start-up company while working on the commuter rail project is hard work, and Dakota takes an evening off to relax on the Mystery Train. When the train stops to serve dinner, Dakota is boldly cruised by a fellow passenger. He has to get to know this smart, sexy man and asks Scott to join him for a drink.  

Scott and Dakota hit it off and a quiet cup of coffee leads to unexpected possibilities - and consequences. When Dakota makes a sudden decision to advance his timeline, Scott will do whatever is necessary to keep them together, on track, and avoiding derailment.

* * *

Dakota fell into step beside me as we climbed the stairs. "This is some place, isn't it? Booze, boys and boogie."

"Yep. I generally stick to the cafe when I come here, but every once in a while I go downstairs to the Cancun Bar."

We agreed on a table against the rear wall. He pulled out my chair and then sat across from me, his hands folded on the table.

"I'm really surprised this place doesn't have a back room. It's got everything else a guy needs for a memorable night on the town."

"The back room is tucked in behind the stage. Go through the arch with the twinkling white lights. You gotta pay the cover charge to conduct illicit activities with strangers at Frolic."

He grinned, his silver eyes glittering in the low lighting. "I think you'd be worth the five bucks tonight."

I bet he was worth a lot more. "Thanks. I think. I'm getting a decaf. What would you like?"

"Oh, no. I asked you, so I'm buying."

As we were only talking about two dollars, I didn't argue. The server arrived and greeted me by name. Dakota ordered two decafs and then blinked at Charlie's retreating backside. He lowered his voice.

"I don't want to be politically incorrect here, but is she…"

"Well, she is for tonight. Tomorrow, he'll be in a suit in a corner office on the ninth floor."

"Damn. No offense to present company, but Charlie is fucking hot."

"Charlie does have that effect on everyone. Thanks for the coffee, by the way."

"My pleasure. Will you have dinner with me tomorrow evening?"

"Hell, yeah, but I insist on at least Dutch treat." I pointed my finger at him before he could speak. "If you argue, we'll end up at the food court at the mall."

Dakota rested his hand, palm up, on the table between us. I smiled and laid my hand in his. Little tendrils of heat snaked up my arm and made me shiver as his fingers closed around mine. I should've paid the cover charge so I could haul him into the back room, but rushing could ruin a lovely friendship. 

"When did you move to Marionville?" I asked.

He sipped his coffee. "I don't live here. I've been in and out of town on business for the last year or so. But if my company is awarded part of the new commuter rail job, I'll move here for the duration."

It was just my luck the most interesting guy I'd met in the last twenty years might be gone for good in a week. And if not, I had an even bigger problem, like a  conflict of interest problem.

April 18
White Deer Enterprises/White Deer Books
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

hubbabbubbahhz ,

Another…hitch… a ‘sleep’N virgin’ … to… “a-wake UP ???”

“Station to Station” - introduces a professional engineer, a forty-one-year-old SCOTT THOMAS, working with the MARIONVILLE CITY’s CORPORATION; and associated with his local gay-friends, architect TRAVIS TEMPLETON and HEATH KELLY (‘A Hard Habit to Break’). TRAVIS - has designed the two township’s train stations for the commuter train-line passenger stations.

For the inauguration of the City’s project, a special ‘MYSTERY DINNER TRAIN’ event involves members participating with the two City’s Celebration. ON-BOARD, on departure, the participants co-mingle in the passenger car lounge, where SCOTT becomes TRAVIS’ date night partner, since HEATH is away on business! SCOTT notices, ‘across a -crowded- lounge car’ … a younger, ‘mystery man’- a striking,handsome-dark haired “hottie” … a stranger - with an invitational curious smile, staring … at him !!! A handsome stranger in the night!

IS THIS, going to be THEIR NIGHT ?
for romance ?

… a keeper, to say, “I love you” …… and mean it..?

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