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When dealing with demons, the devil’s in the details…

Stealing mystical and arcane artifacts is a dangerous business, especially for a human, but Zoey Wharton is an exceptional thief. The trick to staying alive is having friends in all the wrong places. While having a witch and a werewolf on the payroll helps, being partners with a vampire really opens doors.

Zoey and Daniel were childhood sweethearts until a violent car crash took his life and left her shattered. When Daniel returned from the grave as a vampire, his only interest in Zoey was in keeping her safely apart from the secrets of his dark world. He has vowed to protect her, but his heart seems as cold as the night he calls home.

Five years later, a mysterious new client named Lucas Halfer offers Zoey a fortune to steal the Light of Alhorra. The search for the Light leads Zoey into the arms of an earthbound faery prince. Devinshea Quinn sweeps her off her feet, showing her everything the supernatural world has to offer, but Daniel still calls to her heart.

As the true nature of the Light is revealed, Zoey discovers Halfer is a demon and much more than money is at stake. Per her contract, she must give him the Light or spend an eternity in Hell. What’s a girl to do except fight for her soul…and her heart.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
August 13
DLZ Entertainment LLC
DLZ Entertainment LLC
Grades 13 and Below

Customer Reviews

Smutbookjunkie ,

Lexi Blake takes you on fantastic journey into the paranormal

Lexi Blake takes you on an adventure where an unlikely team of thieves that include a witch, vampire, werewolf, and faery prince attempt to steal a priceless artifact after making a deal with a demon. How hard could it be right? The team is only up against a few demons, witches, and several other master thieves so what could go wrong?

I highly suggest that you take the time to read the author forward in this book. Lexi was going through a very dark period in her life when she wrote this story and it reflects in the character Daniel. Daniel is denying his needs to try to keep Zoey safe. When his stubbornness puts him and Zoey in danger will she every be able to forgive him? When she finds out that he is hiding things from her will she ever be able to trust him or will she be pushed into the arms of another man?

Lexi does an excellent job once again with her character development. You are able to feel Daniel's pain and Zoey's heartache as if you were right there in the story with them. The supporting characters play a very large role in this story. I can't help but crack up at the sign posted at the entrance of Dev's club that states the rules which include "no exorcisms on the dance floor and that the bringing about of the apocalypse on the premises is strictly discouraged".

If you love paranormal romances with lots of plot twists that take you on an journey through darkness into light then you will love Steal the Light. This story s part of a series that continues with Steal the Day coming out in October of 2013.

Ladadama43 ,

Awesome Series!

I love this entire series! The characters are so well delivered and deep. The author has created a world I can almost feel. Do yourself a favor and read this entire series!

ragtag7 ,

Steal the Light

This has been the most enjoyable book I have read in a long time. Thank you for making the heroine smart! Begins and ends with such a great story line. Very refreshing! On my way to reading all the series!

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